China: Vaccine Law Passed 2019…Mandatory vaccine program for all residents of China beginning Dec 1, 2019. Coincidence nCoronavirus outbreak also begins Dec 2019?

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by MacPepper

June 29, 2019 PRC passes new Vaccine Administration Law. The Law takes effect Dec 1 2019.

According to the Law, China is to implement a state immunization program, and residents living within the territory of China are legally obligated to be vaccinated with immunization program vaccines, which are provided by the government free of charge. Local governments and parents or other guardians of children must ensure that children be vaccinated with the immunization program vaccines (art. 6).

The Law establishes a compensation system for abnormal reactions to vaccination. A recipient of an immunization program vaccine who dies or suffers significant disability or organ and tissue damage is to be paid from the vaccination funds of the provincial level government if the damage falls within the scope of abnormal reactions associated with a vaccine or cannot be prevented (art. 56).

Coincidence that major NCoronavirus outbreak starts same month as new vaccine law takes effect?



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