China’s 5th wave of outbreak arrives – Beijing goes in to very hard lockdown with outdated “zero covid” policy, with barriers put up without warning…

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by magnora7

This is one of the craziest videos I’ve ever seen. It’s March 15, 2022 in many of the videos, and they’re doing super-hard lockdowns as if it was still the beginning of the pandemic. And the people in Beijing and China are getting extremely upset, and rightfully so, because they’re not allowed to work or go shopping for food, and China has no contingency plans to help these people in this situation, yet they remain firm on a nonsensical zero-covid policy, meaning that anyone who could even potentially be infected in an area is made prisoner, essentially.

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How they plan to continue this is beyond me. Most other countries have realized it’s basically the flu now, and we’re just going to have to live with it.

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Instead, the CCP seems to be doubling down on the power-grabbing opportunities that this pandemic has afforded them.

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This is extremely foolish at this point in the game. They’re going to force mass revolutions if they don’t begin behaving more reasonably… any society is just 9 missed meals away from revolution, and I think many people in China are at about 5 missed meals right now. Not to mention the psychological and social pressure is just insane. People are breaking down. If the CCP wants to remain in power, they should change their zero-covid policy, and soon. These videos are haunting.


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