China’s Chilling ‘Social Credit System’ Is Already Switched On and it is Our Worst Nightmare….or a Paradise. Depends on you.

China is about to triple it’s number of CCCTV cams from 200 to 600 million and implement a Digital Dictatorship that’s run by AI.

You start with a score of 800 . If you stay on the postitive side of the scale by not rocking the boat, you will enjoy all kinds of perks and ease of life.
But if you swing the other way, life will be all but impossible. Blocks and closed doors at every turn for being marked as an undesirable. No travel. Banned from public transport. Unable to rent a place.

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This same kind of system will sooner, rather than later, be implemented in offices and corporations around the world. If it has the desired effect, It will go global in no time. I’m afraid this is truly the beast system that spells the end. Total lockdown. Total control. End of freedom.

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This really is the society of Brave New World/1984…we were warned. It’s happening. There really is no escape from this. let that sink in.

h/t Eddie


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