CNN Fake News Avoids Democrat Despot Killer Cuomo’s Ninth Accuser, Continues Blackout of Scandal That Implicates Network Star

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CNN’s tepid coverage of the latest developments in the Andrew Cuomo saga continued this week, this time with no mention of the ninth accuser who has come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against the Democratic New York governor.

Sherry Vill, 55, alleged on Monday that Cuomo grabbed her face and kissed her cheeks in front of her home in 2017.

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“I know the difference between an innocent gesture and a sexual one,” Vill said during a virtual press conference. “I never felt as uncomfortable as I did the day Governor Cuomo came to my house. His actions were very overly sexual, highly inappropriate and disrespectful to me and my family.”

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Her allegation, however, has fallen on deaf ears, at least on CNN’s airwaves, according to Grabien transcript results.

The pro-Cuomo network has similarly avoided the damning groping allegation made by the governor’s sixth accuser, downplaying any mention of it by on-air guests as “unverified” despite widespread reporting.


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