Coinbase Pro Lists 5 Altcoins from crypto pump and dump groups

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Coinbase Pro, the professional trading arm of Coinbase, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, announced today that it will list 5 new cryptocurrencies from crypto pump and dump groups on the platform.

In a statement made by the exchange, the cryptocurrencies to be listed on Coinbase Pro include: 

  • IoTeX (IOTX); 
  • Orion Protocol (ORN); 
  • Quickswap (QUICK); 
  • Tribe (TRIBE); 
  • TerraUSD (UST).

Cryptocurrencies from crypto pump and dump groups will trade on Wednesday, August 11, subject to liquidity conditions.

On the other hand, Coinbase Pro announced that it has started accepting IoTeX (IOTX), Orion Protocol (ORN), Quickswap (QUICK), Tribe (TRIBE) and TerraUSD (UST) transfers from today.

↑ Coinbase Disclosure.

Here’s part of Coinbase’s statement:

One of the most frequent requests we receive from clients is the ability to conduct transactions with a large number of cryptocurrencies on our platform. In accordance with the terms of our listing process, we expect to maintain more assets over time that meet our standards. Here are the cryptocurrencies recently listed on our exchange:


  • Alchemy Pay (ACH); 
  • PlayDapp (PLA); 
  • Rai Reflex Index (RAI); 
  • Harvest Finance (FARM); 
  • (FET); 
  • Paxos Standard (PAX) and Polymath Network (POLY); 
  • Clover Finance (CLV); 
  • Mask Network (MASK); 
  • Rally (RLY); 
  • BarnBridge (BOND); 
  • Livepeer (LPT); 
  • Quant (QNT); 
  • Chiliz (CHZ); 
  • Keep Network (KEEP); 
  • Polkadot (DOT); 
  • Solana (SOL); 
  • Gitcoin (GTC); 
  • Enzyme Token (MLN); 
  • Amp (AMP); 
  • Dogecoin (DOGE);
  • Internet Computer (ICP).

Starting Tuesday August 10th, we will begin accepting incoming transfers from IOTX, ORN, QUICK, TRIBE, and UST to Coinbase Pro. If the liquidity conditions are met, trading will begin at 20:00 on Wednesday 11 August – expert of SafeTrading.

↑ Price increase after Coinbase announcement!

Thanks to the news of the Coinbase listing, cryptocurrencies are on the rise. IoTeX (IOTX) added 63% after news of Coinbase listing. On the other hand, Orion Protocol (ORN) gained 10% after the news and is currently trading at $ 10.14. Quickswap (QUICK) continues to trade at $ 697.89, up 23%, while Tribe (TRIBE) continues to trade at $ 0.726, up 4.55%.

Why are BURGER, SUSHI, CAKE, PIZZA Token popular? Is it worth investing?

Food tokens have been around for a long time in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. From pizza to burgers, sweet potatoes and kimchi, many food names have been symbols. However, the presence of these tokens has become especially noticeable in the past few days – analyst of SafeTrading.

Almost all food-themed tokens mentioned since July 20 have doubled in value. BURGER’s price jumped from $ 3.05 to $ 6.46. Over the same period, SUSHI rose from $ 6.2 to $ 1 and CAKE from $ 10 to $ 18. In addition, PIZZA climbed from $ 0.1 to $ 0.2 and YAM climbed from $ 0.48 to $ 0.82.

These tokens carry names that many people do not know or think about in the cryptocurrency industry, the popularity and distribution of which is growing day by day.

↑ What are these cryptocurrencies?

SushiSwap is one of the preeminent DeFi platforms. This community-driven DeFi liquidity pool platform provides rewards for liquidity providers. However, the protocol is not decentralized and users do not need to have a say in administration. BurgerSwap is more decentralized in this regard. Users have the right to speak and vote.

YAM Finance engages its users in platform management decisions. The assets that the platform manages are also growing at an impressive rate. YAM tokens are flexible and expand or contract according to market conditions.

The current stock of PIZZA is 30 976 128 pieces. While users can trade on Pizza DEX, they can participate in private stablecoin investment programs and generate income. Like SushiSwap, KIMCHI rewards its users for providing liquidity. In addition, PancakeSwap allows users to trade tokens and provide liquidity through growing and generating profits. In addition, CAKE users can try their luck at lotteries and NFTs.

↑ Is it worth giving these tokens a chance?

The volumes of these types of tokens began to gain attention with significant increases. BURGER is valued at $ 18 million, while the same figure was recorded by SUSHI and CAKE at $ 262.51 million and $ 427.17.

It can be seen that capital is pumped into these projects, and at this stage investors must make their own decisions for a short time. If the fire in such cryptocurrencies is not extinguished in the coming weeks, another great madness will inevitably occur.

However, the founders of this type of cryptocurrency do not disclose most of the details of the project. Various Ponzi schemes are suddenly popping up in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In this context, investors should pay close attention to the sustainability factor.

Key Points Pointing The Future Of Current Bitcoin Growth!

Bitcoin (BTC) price hovers above $ 45,000 despite the latest hack news and Senate news. In other words, prices are still above the 200-day average. This is an extremely exciting and promising detail, but there is more to it. To get the most accurate predictions about the future price of Bitcoin (BTC), you need to study these three data.

↑ Bitcoin (BTC)

In less than a week, the price of bitcoins (BTC) fell from $ 37,500 to $ 46,000. While some analysts say this rally indicates a larger decline, others reject false claims of the rally. So what does this growth actually indicate?

↑ SOPR and MVRV.

The ratio of the volume of production to the profit spent gives an idea of ​​the degree of realized profits and losses. While the overall assessment of the markets is done using aSOPR, STH-SOPR calculates the profit / loss of short-term investors. For a long time, both of these indicators were below the 1st line. But finally it took off.

  • aSOPR has created a regional peak, which means that investors are starting to make a profit. At the same time, a downward breakout began. We can see confirmation of growth in the coming days by looking at the SOPR data. If the reading stays below 1 for a long time, the price can be said to have entered a false rally.
  • MVRV is already approaching 2 levels. In other words, investors made more returns than usual. While the current situation seems to indicate an upward trend in light of this data, it is important that investors support Bitcoin (BTC).

↑ Domination

The third important indicator is “dominance”. Market dominance is clearly increasing in both macro and micro time segments. Of course, the distribution of market dominance varies greatly depending on the direction of the price. The dominance of the over $ 10 million volume category has increased by nearly 20% in the last week. While this rise ensured the continued Bitcoin rally, it also revived the alternative market – analyst of SafeTrading.

In other words, new assets are starting to find their place in the market again. This development can be considered positive for the bitcoin price. Because it indicates that investors are investing in the markets with riskier money. The dominance chart tells us that the rally may continue. In particular, pricing that continues above lines such as the SMA 200 reassures investors. This leads to the fact that the index of greed and fear rises above 50. Greed again dominates the market after a long time, and this data is also considered important for the price growth.

Disclaimer: This content does not necessarily represent the views of IWB.

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