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Colorado Legislature Wants To Game The Electoral College Because Trump!

As our readers are well aware, the 2016 Presidential election did not go as planned for the leftist Democrats, media, and especially Hillary Clinton. The results have led to ad infinitum pearl-clutching about the Electoral College votes. The movement for abolishing the Electoral College has gained momentum, sadly. Which has led Colorado (who is now in the blue stupidity phase) to proffer a bill that would force all nine electoral votes to follow the national popular vote and dump our Constitution into the ditch.

Yes folks, you read that correctly. The Democrat idiots in the Colorado Legislature have decided that our Constitution can go pound sand. You see, we need to win by popular vote always!! Doesn’t matter that you were the last one to cross the finish line, the trophy means YOU WIN!!

Yes indeed, the Colorado legislature wants to be first in the nation for putting forth the ultimate participation trophy prize. The Presidency is all yours as long as you are the most popular on your block!


Yet folks, this is where we are. Exhibit A:

A bill championed by Sen. Mike Foote, D-Lafayette, is the most accessed bill on the Colorado legislature’s website and could eventually change how the United States chooses its president.

“The bottom line is that every Coloradan should have their voice heard,” said Foote.

Senate Bill 19-042 , if passed, would make Colorado the 13th state to join what’s known as the National Popular Vote interstate compact.

Oh how CUTE! How absolutely wonderful of you that we can all vote for the candidate of our choice….and then have someone we DIDN’T vote for become the winner because ‘popular vote’ trumps all!

Folks, we have an Electoral College for a reason. The more population in a state, the greater the chance that a Presidential candidate can win that state. The less populated states can’t win against the big guys …except for the electoral college.

Guess what? New York went for Hillary. So did Colorado. So therefore it went that the electoral votes cast went to Hillary. But a LOT of other less populated states had their votes go for Trump, which meant that electoral votes go for Trump. That is plainly outlined in our Constitution.

Look, first thing they did when they seized the state in 12 was institute vote fraud by mail. In the polls I watched, in 12 fraud was already rampant.

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BUT even with tighter, better, higher fraud, they still don’t trust us peasants to vote the way they like.  How few of them are there? How many of us? How astonishing is the fraud?

I need a constitutional lawyer (a real one.)  They can’t possibly deny us our civil rights this blatantly.


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