Compilation of Overwhelming Election Fraud Evidence in Broward County Florida

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by mikeleoncraft

Here’s all the substantial links regarding Election Fraud by Brenda Snipes and Broward County officials.

Florida Judge ruled that Florida constitution had been violated by Broward County

Overt violations of ballot box chain of custody in Broward County

Trucks being used to block entrance to election offices, to prevent public and press of witnessing what is is going on. Clear violation of Florida law.

NBC and FOX sued Broward County because they were barred from viewing vote counting.

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Sworn Affidavit of Election fraud in Broward County

Same trucks used to transport ballots against chain of custody recorded removing documents in the middle of the night, in violation of a court order they had to fulfill by 7pm that day. Which the refused to comply with.

Same caravan of cars used to deliver ballots to the rental truck, were all rental cars. One of them was an Avis rental. Ballot box found in back of rental car. Guy was close friend of Andrew Gillium

Broward county sheriff showed up to the Avis rental, at Ft. Lauderdale airport and shut down the entire airport because of a suspicious package. It was a ballot box.

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Broward County officials blocking people from watching the count.



Broward County Staff Caught Filling in Blank Ballots,

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