Corona quick tests contaminated with bacteria – Munich, Germany

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A large amount of rapid tests of the city of Munich is apparently contaminated. How many employees took advantage of these Tests so far, is still unclear.

Munich – Corona*-Trouble at the city of Munich*: 120 000 rapid tests are contaminated and unusable. The human resources unit has on Friday (19. November) confirmed the relevant information of our newspaper.

Like other employers, the state capital of over 40,000 employees at least twice per week, the possibility for rapid tests. The administration had acquired, among other things, the product DeepBlue by the manufacturer Medical.

Rapid tests “DeepBlue” the manufacturer Medical containing intestinal bacteria

Recently it was reported that a laboratory in a Test of the company had demonstrated two different bacterial species, including the intestinal bacterium e coli. Also a large number of the city acquired Tests was apparently contaminated, as our newspaper has to learn from the city hall circles.

“According to the current state of knowledge, we must assume that two to three batches at the state capital are affected by the contamination,” says the speaker of the personnel and organization Department, Tobias Stephan. The Information was immediately taken to the employees passed the note to not use the contaminated Tests. “In the papers, and service existing contaminated Tests were immediately withdrawn from circulation.”

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