Covid-19 Is So Hard To Defeat Because It’s So Alien To Us

by Adam Taggart

Covid-19 is one of the most “alien” viruses our modern health care system has encountered.

Not because it came from extraterrestrials, but because of all of the various different ways it’s able to wreak havoc on the human body. It’s so novel that we don’t have a good natural analog to compare it to.

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And it’s still confounding us. While it looked as if we had contained it here in the US, it’s now surging back so strongly that overwhelmed hospitals are convening “survival panels” to determine who gets treated and who gets sent home to likely die.

We are learning more about it every day, and have a long way to go until we really understand well how it works and how to fight it. So we need to remain vigilant in our efforts to avoid it, or else the resurging death count may go a lot higher:


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