Crime Is Getting Out Of Control All Across The Country

A Group of People do Home Invasion in Broad Daylight in a Quiet Neighborhood

Killingly, CT: A group of people invaded a home during the day for robbery. Two to three people entered a home and assaulted a resident. Then the group stole valuables and fled the home in a black Nissan. Moreover, the community is shocked that this occurred in broad daylight in a quiet, upper-class neighborhood. In addition, the police are actively searching for the criminals who committed this crime.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams agrees progressive politics play a role in increased crime across American cities

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams agreed with former NYPD commissioner William Bratton that progressive politics played a role in the increase of crime in American cities on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.

“The scales right now are tipped very heavily in favor of the reforms of the progressive left. Well intended, some needed, but a bit too far, and what we have as a result is this growing fear of crime, this growing actual amount of crime in almost every American city,” Bratton said during an appearance on the “Bloomberg Businessweek” podcast Thursday.

BLINDED ME WITH VIOLENCE: How the Left Fosters ‘Hate Crime’ Then Plays the Victim.

“I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but subway shooter Frank James’s decision to shoot up a train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn likely wasn’t random. Check out the racial background of the neighborhood. . . . Until recently, you could see shooter Frank James spewing his black supremacy and hatred, but YouTube has now removed his channel. For those who didn’t see the videos, they were brimming with racial loathing for Asian, Hispanic, and white people. You can see here that many of Frank James’s victims are Asian. For a “crazy” guy, he seems to have known what he was doing.”

Also: “The problem is this: Frank James sees himself — and all black people — as victims. In one of his now-deleted videos, James tells other black folks that white people hate them, and that black people will be exterminated like the Jews were in Europe. This, despite the fact that America is bending over backward to keep black people out of jail.”


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