DEF fluid shortage…Shortage of Urea will cause shortage of DEF used in ALL modern diesel engines.

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AUSTRALIA’S agriculture, mining and transport industries are facing a potential crisis as a global exhaust fluid shortage threatens to bring the nation’s diesel engines to a halt

In a nutshell, the world is facing a major shortage of a key ingredient found in diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) – also known as AdBlue – with the situation set to come to a head this summer.

The crucial ingredient in question is urea, which helps to reduce emissions – a mandatory requirement of many diesel vehicles, including both trucks and private vehicles.

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Implications are another nail in the supply chain coffin.

Most DEF is produced in China and they are withholding supply…probably to ramp up their war effort and weaken their enemies.



China sharply cuts diesel exhaust fluid exports amid power crisis

South Korea relies on China for more than 90% of DEF needs

All diesel vehicles required to refill DEF every 400 km

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South Korea could potentially see a large number of diesel-fueled vehicles become non-operational within the next two-three months due to a severe shortage of diesel exhaust fluid, after China drastically reduced its production and exports in an effort to save coal for power usage.

If you are going to stock up on DEF, know the shelf life.

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