Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu is a COVID hypocrite, traveling for fun while refusing to go to work

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Liberal California Congressman Ted Lieu has been caught vacationing and enjoying the world while telling the U.S. House of Representatives that he cannot travel to D.C. “due to the ongoing public health emergency.”

RedState reported that Lieu “took his elderly parents on a cruise to Bermuda for Thanksgiving, then traveled to Hawaii for Christmas, and went to an NFL game at Los Angeles’ Sofi Stadium *maskless* with his wife and brother in October.”

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On January 10, just two weeks after travelling to Hawaii, Lieu filed a proxy vote request, asking that another Congressman be allowed to vote in his place.

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Lieu previously criticized the “tyranny of the minority” who were choosing not to wear masks as of July 2021, 14 months after the COVID shutdowns began.

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