Democrats love illegals, but not Americans

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Democrats managed to turn my elderly catholic lifelong democrat mother into a republican. AFAIK her first vote was for JFK.
Thanks, Nancy.
A Tale of Two Nancys

Senator Pelosi just THANKED illegal aliens for breaking federal law and coming to the country illegally with their children in tow.

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3 thoughts on “Democrats love illegals, but not Americans

  1. It’s the top 1% paying these People “Illegals” to work here. No Job, No “Illegals” it’s pretty simple. Drive through ANY Affluent Neighborhood and they are the ones with Nannies, Maids, Cooks, Gardeners & Contractors ALL paid in cash. But, but but the Democrats…. Give it a rest already. Unless the ALL the Top 1% are Democrats. Which We know isn’t the case! MAGA!

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