Election 2020: No Matter Who Wins, Deep State Inc. Stays On Top

By Duane Norman

I haven’t been able to write for awhile, but I’m thankful to have Jon Hall picking up the slack around here.  Coronavirus life has kept me busy (in a good way, I’m blessed and fortunate to say).  With the election coming up, I wanted to get some thoughts into an article that I’m sure very few will read in its entirety, but I believe will be informative, helpful and possibly entertaining for the few that do.  Given that the country has been prepping for election unrest to a significant extent, the contrarian in me expects many to be underwhelmed by the result of election season.  Any actual unrest will be handled quite well by those who have prepared to any extent, and handled quite poorly by those who have not.  No matter what happens, I wish you all the best of luck, and god speed.

While President Trump has changed federal-level politics in this country forever, the globalist cabal has proven that they’ve been able to carry on without a hiccup no matter who sits in the Oval Office.  The entrenched government bureaucrats – including those in the judiciary and law enforcement – have been enabled and abetted by billionaire elites and their media mouthpieces without fail over Trump’s entire first term. Even if we are to believe that Epstein didn’t really kill himself, nearly everyone in America thinks he escaped justice.  In spite of the fact that every one of the above pictured people plotted and schemed to undermine Trump both during and before his presidency, not one of them has faced any criminal charges as a result of their conduct.

It is folly to expect this to change, no matter who wins the 2020 election.

Even though no government officials have been held to account for their misconduct, Trump has changed politics in the US forever.  The rise of internet-based alternative media and Trump’s magnification of these tools has led an ever-growing percentage of the population to become fed up with a complete lack of justice in America.  The term “deep state” – once seen as taboo – is now so commonplace, Trump himself routinely uses it, and the mainstream media outlets that are the deep state’s mouthpiece will even come to its defense.  This is ironic, considering that mainstream media itself is living on borrowed time, and Trump’s ability to give them a boogeyman as narrative is perhaps the only lifeline they still have left.

In spite of all-time record highs in the equities markets, the US economy remains in a precarious state.  Trump has successfully kicked the debt can for nearly four years, and he was able to do so while raising the fed funds rate from the near-zero level it had hovered at for close to a decade.  A flu strain that was biologically engineered in 2007 broke contain (I believe, accidentally) in late 2019, and spread quickly throughout the planet. Like nearly all politicians (with some exceptions, such as Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley), Trump was dead wrong on the coronavirus early on, insisting it was “just the flu”.

However, Trump did reverse course long before the others, enacting a too-late travel ban from China while the likes of Schumer and Pelosi took it as an opportunity to score anti-Trump political points in Chinatown.  Blue state governors bungled the handling of the virus early on, leading to the vast majority of coronavirus deaths on a per-capita basis, primarily in elderly populations.  While the global economy economy was paralyzed, the deep state brought rates crashing back to zero and asset prices have made all-time highs, in spite of crippling unemployment and draconian lockdowns.

The record highs in the equities markets have not been a boon to the average American, increasing the antipathy towards the ruling elites.  Middle America and small business owners, nearly all of whom benefited substantially from Trump’s tax reform, have been particularly hard-hit by the lockdowns and media-fueled destructive riots on perceived racism in policing (which ignore all statistical and visual evidence to the contrary).  The anti-Trump consortium of billionaire-owned state and local governments have happily allowed this behavior to run unchecked by states and municipalities everywhere.  Corporate share prices soaring to new all-time highs is demonstrative of their ability to withstand losses that devastate their smaller, more localized competition.

All the while, these evil corporations are more than happy to pay lip service and pretend to care about the rioters’ claims of institutionalized racism, as nearly all of them are staffed with the same breed of anti-Trump globalist individuals filling state and local governments.

No matter what the election result is, once the votes are in, the value of lockdowns and riots as a political tool will decrease dramatically.  Previously-failing states and cities are facing substantial budget shortfalls as the wealthiest of the tax base has fled to cheaper locales, bolstered by the work-from-home culture enabled by low latency and high bandwidth internet.  Cities will thus be highly incentivized to quell any continuing riots.  Dropping temperatures as winter approaches are sure to send fickle bugmen back to their warm abodes, putting a natural damper on any protests that may materialize.

As for who will win the election?  It’s perhaps best I leave that take to Bob Gore at Straight Line Logic:

If he gets anything approaching an honest vote count Trump will win in a landslide. The “reputable” pollsters have become another arm of the entrenched powers’ narrative management. Like everything else the corruptocrats have tried, this effort will prove inept. The purported double-digit Biden leads will motivate, not discourage, Trump’s voters. By every other indicator—voter registrations, growing black and hispanic support, the crumbling entertainment and sports complex, the crumbling mainstream media, the ascendent alternative media, millions of new gun owners, backlash against the riots, slowly fading coronavirus hysteria, and off-the-charts attendance and enthusiasm at Trump rallies—Trump’s winning by a country mile.

While the Trump campaign’s energy has been on display to all conservatives, Joe Biden rallies have sparse attendance (even with Obama propping him up).  At times, more Trump supporters showing up to bomb some Biden events than Biden supporters themselves.  Biden voters and even the elites themselves can’t even be enamored with the thought of low energy Biden running the country and routinely calling a lid on his day due to the high stress of the job.  They may be even more opposed to deeply-unpopular Kamala Harris taking the reigns from him.  Biden’s campaign has the same look and feel that Bob Dole, John Kerry and Mitt Romney’s all had – unexciting patsy candidates unable to compete with popular incumbents.

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However, if the national expectation proves accurate and the election is contested as (fraudulent) mail-in ballots are slowly counted in swing states, states and cities may have an incentive to allow the riots to continue unabetted.  If Trump is the clear victor, the ultimate goal could be “allowing” (read: extorting) a Trump victory claim – with the precondition of a massive bailout of states and municipalities akin to the “compromise of 1876” (contrary to the popular belief, the election of 2020 will almost certainly not be the most contested election in American history – not by a long shot).  If Biden wins, these bailouts are all but assured, which will further rankle the divide between flyover states and urban coastal elites.

Even if Biden is able to win, what will really change in America?  As much as the globalists would wish it to happen, there is no going back to the era “before Trump”.  Trivial issues that inflame tensions among Americans on partisan lines will continue, but nothing will change the fact that Americans no longer have an appetite for endless global wars.  The untouchable “third rails” of politics (Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and defense spending) will continue to drive the country towards its ultimate financial insolvency, and any politician who dares to touch them will lose their next re-election campaign in a landslide defeat.

Trump has been about as impressive a president as anyone could expect given his circumstances.  He has had to deal with all of the opposition a political outsider could face, and then some.  The deep state, the billionaire class and their corporate entities, and the “revolving door” between the two have accurately proven to be too large for any one man to take on.  As I’ve previously stated – anyone who thought that a real estate developer and reality TV star was going to be the silver bullet to all of America’s problems is naive and/or ignorant to America’s problems.

Put simply – the swamp is just too big to be drained.

Anyone operating under the delusion that “second term Trump” will all of a sudden change course and find the temerity (or even the ability) to prosecute and imprison any deep state bureaucrat that has worked to undermine him is operating under an aura of delusion.  Second term presidents over the past 50 years have a track record of being more feckless than they were under a first term, with the most significant legislative and executive accomplishments coming in the first two years (Clinton crime bill and assault weapons ban, Bush’s Iraq War, Obamacare, Trump Tax Reform).  Those expecting this to change are the same ones who believed Trump was really going to “lock her up” in 2016.  Trump could start proving me wrong by firing FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director Gina Haspel and replacing them with his own people.  Given the source of that rumor, I consider that outcome to be about as likely as Hunter Biden facing a criminal inquiry of any kind.

As America reaches the conclusion of year 12 of unfettered growth in asset prices from the 2008 crash, another crash of even more epic proportions seems just around the corner.  It could even be triggered by the previously mentioned failing states and municipalities bankruptcy and default on their costly pensions and obligations, bringing down the whole house of cards. While I have previously postulated that Trump (and Trump’s voters) would be the perfect scapegoat for such a calamity, Trump has proven more than competent in the art of can kicking during his four year term.  At this point, it would be folly to underestimate Trump’s ability to do it again for another four years.

Regardless, an economic collapse will not change the fact that the internet has changed the way everything about how our society operates, notably the dissemination of media and information.  The establishment would very much like this not to be the case, but access to information has shifted attitudes, and populism/nationalism are the order of the day.  Trump is ultimately a different side of the same coin as Bernie Sanders – loathed and hated by the establishment for their populist/nationalist appeal.  The difference being – one is a successful businessman and a winner, and the other is a senile old communist who has no idea what’s going on.

Whether the economic house of cards falls on Trump’s watch or not is anyone’s guess, but what happens next will almost certainly not be a peaceful transition.

The odds of the US democratic republic surviving in its current form are low, even if one assumes that this country hasn’t just become a “corruptocracy” of deep state bureaucrats and megarich corporate elites.  The most likely outcomes of an economic or other national calamity are communism and fascism, with the winning side being the first one to go full Caesarism with the American political apparatus.

While it would be wonderful to be proven wrong and see our republic survive, the elite’s army of NPC bugmen has become more than willing to cheer on the destruction of their own communities because “racism, and orange man bad”, which is not a recipe for anything but an authoritarian outcome, from one side or the other.

Since that hasn’t happened yet, I’ll still go to the polls on Election Day and vote for Trump.  I’m certain the deep state, corporate elitist class, and all of the useful idiot NPC bugmen masses all hate every fiber of his existence, which is more than enough reason that any of us need to send a big middle finger their way at the ballot box.

But until an economic collapse or other national calamity materializes, no matter who wins, I don’t expect a thing to change.  The deep state will still remain on top and running the show, unencumbered by whoever occupies the Oval Office.  



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