Election Analysis – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire will decide the election

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by Ian56

Trump needs to take Arizona, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio.
He will then need 12 more Electoral College Votes to take the election.

These could come from any one of the following 3 options:
Pennsylvania (20)
Michigan (16)
Wisconsin (10) plus New Hampshire (4)

Trump’s support is likely being under reported by circa 5% in Corporate Media polls.
In order to win he needs to gain 1-2% in the polls in the key Swing States over the remaining 35 days before the election on November 3.

The first debate against Dementia riddled Biden is tonight.
Sane people will only be watching this to see how many screw ups and gaffes Biden makes.
The Debate is being “moderated” by total slimeball douchebag, Corporate and Establishment shill Chris Wallace, who is the absolute enemy of every honest American and the rest of humanity – and this is Fox’s pick.
CNN and MSNBC “moderators” will be EVEN WORSE.

There could be several states whose results could be within 1% either way and subject to acrimonious legal and corporate media review.

The chances of the election being conceded by either party on election night are low.

The Neoliberal Globalist Oligarchs, Never Trump Neocons, Corporate Dems and their aligned presstitute media are already preparing riots on the streets and a military Coup if Biden loses.

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