Facebook Banned Conservative Political Ads Accepted 100/100 Ads of Fake Senators

by Thinker

(Natural News) While Facebook is publicly claiming it has cleaned up its act and is carefully screening all things political so as to ensure there are no shenanigans or dishonesty taking place on its platform ahead of the 2018 midterms, Vice News reports that the company’s efforts are falling flat. In fact, the news site said its staffers recently posed as 100 fake senators in order to run ads across the platform, and Facebook approved every single one of them (Civics 101: There are 100 U.S. senators and the chances that all 100 of them would use Facebook for ads is slim).

Vice notes:

One of Facebook’s major efforts to add transparency to political advertisements is a required “Paid for by” disclosure at the top of each ad supposedly telling users who is paying for political ads that show up in their news feeds. But on the eve of the 2018 midterm elections, a VICE News investigation found the “Paid for by” feature is easily manipulated and appears to allow anyone to lie about who is paying for a political ad, or to pose as someone paying for the ad.

In order to put the company to the test, Vice News sought to:

Facebook fires back at Trump

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social media network built “a community for all people,” in response to President Trump’s tweet Wednesday morning that Facebook was “always anti-Trump.”

Well, Facebook was all over the Obama/Clinton administration and then backed away from the Trump/Pence administration…reason??? Is there more to the history of Facebook and connections to the past administrations, that has the current POTUS questioning actions??? Will the real power of Facebook please stand up??? Facebook…where is it going to go???