FCC Commissioner Carr: Twitter has abandoned any attempt at a good faith application of its rules. No one should take comfort in that.

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TEXAS AG KEN PAXTON: Trump is right and Twitter ‘fact check’ is wrong – mail-in ballot fraud is a real problem.


In pushing Twitter towards the role of publishing, journalists and Jack Dorsey have handed Donald Trump an enormous gift ahead of the election. Republicans will find there are plenty of votes to be won from people who fed up of being scorned, derided and evening censored by the media.

Mark Zuckerberg understands that media credibility lies with news organizations themselves, not him, and if there is to be any corrective course, that action must be taken by journalists. Adapt or die. Jack Dorsey seems determine to appease the news organizations even if it imperils his company.

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SECTION 302: BAM: Trump Signs Executive Order to Strip Big Tech of ‘Liability Shield’ for Censoring Content.

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