Final Thought on the Midterm Elections

by Chris Black

If you had told me a month ago that the DEMs would BTFO the GOP so hard that they kept the Senate, I would have called you retarded. 

Well guess who’s retarded now?

 I mean, it’s still you, but you get what I’m saying.

Seriously speaking, one side elected a dead guy, a brain damaged guy, and has engineered the worst economy and border catastrophe in a century. 

Its leader can’t read a teleprompter nor answer a question coherently. 

Yet the other side still lost.  

The US is not a Democracy. The elections are rigged, you’re not allowed to say it, and you know they’re rigged because you’re not allowed to say it. 

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Not a single Democrat governor or senator loss their seat, even if the president has the lowest approval rating ever. 

There is inflation, shortages, war, and open borders. They got financed by FTX con artists.

How did this happen?

The previous percentage for Democrat wins after extended vote counting was 71%. 

This election it is 90%. 

If they take away the remaining races it will be 100%. There is zero statistical probability for that to happen naturally, or every ballot drop to favor the Democratic candidate. During this election the republicans won more counties for Senate elections than ever before. The Republicans decimated the Democrats in overall vote. Exit polls showed gains for Republicans in every voter category: women, blacks, hispanics, etc.

 Yet, in every tossup race the Republican candidate lost. Statistical impossibilities don’t matter to Democrats. 

When the impossible keeps happening, the only answer is fraud.


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