French President Macron: Europe Entering the Age of ‘Unprecedented’ Mass Migration

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by Chris Black

If you have any notion about what’s currently (and silently) going on in the world, you’re probably aware of the fact that a manufactured migrant-crisis is tearing Western countries apart, and I am not talking just about the United States, where there are at least 20 million illegal immigrants sucking on the state-welfare-tit (some even say north of 30 million), but also about the European Union and the migrant invasion that started three years ago, following the aggravation of the Syrian conflict, where Islamic mercenaries and terrorist groups sponsored by Western governments and various gulf states trying to topple Assad’s regime wreaked havoc among civilians. By manufactured migrant crisis I refer to the undebatable fact that Western governments invited the “barbarian hordes” with complete disregard to the “laws of the land”(border enforcement, international treaties etc) , again, both in the US and in the EU, and to pull the wool over the taxpayers’ eyes, these invaders were called “war refugees seeking asylum”, even if many (if not most) of those so-called asylum seekers come from countries where there’s no war to speak of, but let that go. Moreover, a number of prominent globalists (the likes of George Soros) sponsored various NGOs with untold sums of money to help these so-called refugees to cross from Africa to Europe via boats and other means of transportation, while Western politicians like Angela Merkel (and others) seconded by their lapdog mainstream media specifically incited these “welfare shoppers” to try to reach the promised EU land, where they’ll be taken care of, on taxpayers’ dime obviously. And now, with Africa’s population booming, French President Macron announced that Europe will be flooded with 200,000,000 Africans within the next 3 decades.


As a fun factoid, EU’s native population is stagnating or in decline, and it’s currently estimated at approximately 500,000,000 souls, of which many are already immigrants from non EU countries (most of them from Africa and the Middle East). This nightmarish scenario Macron is talking about will transform Europe into Africa, because after all, demographics is destiny, i.e. if you allow hundreds of millions of Africans into Europe to take advantage of EU’s generous welfare programs, you’ll transform Europe into Africa, there’s no way around it. More precisely, EU will become a shithole 3rd world country, political correctness be damned. In a Sunday night appearance, Macron has said that “the migratory phenomenon we are facing will be historic”, and it’s due to guess what: climate change and geopolitical conflicts. By the way, speaking of geopolitical conflicts, France joined the US in bombing  Syria last weekend, let that sink in. During the two hours long interview, Macron said that “Africans are mostly turning to Europe because the continent [of Europe] is not an island, because of our location, and because Europe has its destiny bound with Africa”.


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On short, make Europe Africa again, or something along these lines. Someone should tell this clueless manlet that race is real; race is a biological fact; our race is part of who we are (IQ is correlated to race). What the French President said should lead him to be arrested for treason. Europeans are a unique species of the broader human species. We have our own unique languages, cultures, customs, traditions, civilizations, and physical features and appearances. Europeans are NOT replaceable nor interchangeable. And pretty much every invention and significant advancement in science is because of the Europeans. Destroy them and everything fails. Witness what’s now happening in South Africa: they remove the whites from running and organizing the infrastructure and essential apparatus of a first world state, and everything falls apart, quickly degenerating into a third world cesspit.

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If you think I am exaggerating, a recent study showed that the vast majority of the so-called refugees pouring into the EU are still on welfare/not working after two and a half years in the Netherlands. Why? Just because they’re not that stupid: welfare in EU countries pays almost as much money as low skilled jobs, so they choose to stay home. Similar numbers were reported in Austria last year, so this is not a freak occurrence.


At home, America’s so-called conservative judge Gorsuch just sided with liberals to allow illegal alien criminals who have committed crimes to ignore the statute that requires deportation for crimes of violence. So, this is coming to us, sooner or later, if nothing changes fast. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against immigration. It’s just you can’t have open borders and a welfare state in the same time. You must choose one or the other. In the absence of “government” welfare, you’ll get only the best people entering your country, those seeking for opportunities, hard working folks, mobile and aggressive, just like those European immigrants who entered the US in droves in the 19th and early 20th century,  the ones who made America great, but everything happened when the US had 0 in the way of state support.


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said recently:


“Hungary does not need a single migrant for the economy to work, or the population to sustain itself, or for the country to have a future…


…This is why there is no need for a common European migration policy – whoever needs migrants can take them, but don’t force them on us, we don’t need them…


…For us migration is not a solution but a problem… not medicine but a poison, we don’t need it and won’t swallow it.”



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