Fulton Co Georgia voter fraud – much bigger than we are aware! 132,272 “adjudicated” ballots out of ~508K (or 26% of total ballots!!) – they expected ~3200 total adjudicated ballots.

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by HarrySakk

Fulton Co Georgia voter fraud – much bigger than we are aware! 132,272 “adjudicated” ballots out of (or 26% of total ballots) – they expected 3200 total for the county!

I came across this at the beginning of the month when we saw the “late night ballot counting” after kicking people out b/c a “water break”. This is when they pulled the ballots out from under the table and 4-5 people stayed behind to count ballots in secrecy. From then I came across the Nov 3 – 7pm Zoom call/meeting for the Fulton Elections Board where all the numbers were reported – and they DO NOT MATCH what was later reported. I have links below.

The number of adjudicated ballots in Fulton County was MORE than the 106,000. It was 132,272 as reported by the Atlanta Journal (article below). These ballots went through “bulk adjudication” where they can change every ballot 1 by 1, or all at once to ANY VOTE THEY WANT! This is what is done over-seas. In the video below they had reported 1800 ballots that needed adjudication and expected another 1400 IF the ratio remained the same for the remaining ballots to be scanned – so they expected a total of ~3200 ballots needing adjudication. – here is the link to the article that talks about the number adjudicated. The 106,000 was reported by another member of the board (Mr Richard Barrons) in a news report I haven’t found ATM.

Here is the Zoom meeting. It is worth watching the whole thing, but it starts at the point where they talk about adjudication numbers. You should really listen to the entire video above. Mr Ralph Jones is the one who kicked people out of the counting center at ~10pm and then helped process the votes that were pulled out from under the table.

I’ve been trying to get any info from the board of electors in Fulton County and they are not able to release the numbers – some won’t respond to emails, others have told me repeatedly that they have been asking for the numbers as well and they haven’t gotten ANY clear answers since the election! I’ve sent at least 12-15 emails this month.

Here are the members of the election board – it gives their email addresses and I suggest you contact them asking some questions and DEMAND for them to release a FULL report on the numbers.

There is also a problem with the in-person vote totals. In the video they state there was 14,152 in person votes in a country of 500K+ voters!!! Later I asked and they said the number was 45-52,000 and they couldn’t explain where the extra in-person votes came from that were stated in the Zoom meeting (4-5 members asked about the # of in-person votes b/c they were SHOCKED and WORRIED at such a low turn out which is about 5-6% of their normal turnout.

This is the same county with Mrs Ruby Freeman & her daughter were pulling that shady stuff in at LEAST 3 videos. The late night ballot count on election night, the USB thumb drive or SD Memory card hand off, and the 12pm mail in ballot madness Ms Ruby streamed to her IG account after not showing up for “10 days” of work.




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