Fun With Math: Election Fraud Edition!

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Just for shits and giggles, I thought it might be fun to expose the absurdity of finding 100k+ votes all for one candidate in one state, let alone two.

If we simplify this problem and assume that only 1 state (WI or MI) each found 100k votes all cast for Biden, the probability of that event assuming a roughly 50/50 split in the electorate is approximately 1 in 10^3000. This is effectively ZERO. Most computers cannot even calculate this value.

Now if we assume that this happened twice, in two states (WI and MI) independently this jumps to 1 in 10^6000.

To put this into perspective, this is roughly equivalent to 333 people all winning the lottery, getting struck by lightning and then struck by separate asteroids all at once.

Smells like a bull is shitting something fishy given that this is statistically impossible.

Edit: should have included the link to the source of the voter fraud claims.

So 200k People Voted For Biden In Michigan And ZERO For Trump When Everyone Was Sleeping
#trump #biden #fraud

Trump 2,200,902
Biden 1,992,356

Then, overnight – this morning, the numbers magically change but only for Biden:

Trump 2,200,902
Biden 2,130,695



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