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by Daisy Luther

As the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan seems to be spreading across the globe, there are more questions than can be answered in an article – or even a series of articles. My inbox has been full of people asking for advice, and I know there are many of you who want answers.

And while we don’t know everything about the virus yet (in truth we know very little) we do know several important things:

  • We can look back at history to see how governments quash information to “avoid panic”
  • We can use what information we have about the virus to make somewhat educated plans to protect ourselves
  • We can see that many people are completely unprepared for quarantine or other isolation measures
  • We can predict that hospitals in the US could be rapidly overwhelmed
  • We can expect what will happen when the hospitals are at surge capacity
  • We know how to prep for these things to the best of our ability

I checked out some of the other books about this virus on Amazon, and none of them had information that was really thorough enough.

So with all this in mind, my good friend Cat Ellis, the best-selling author of Prepper’s Natural Medicineand Prepping for a Pandemic (which is now out of print), has written a guide to preparing for this virus in the event it reaches our shores in a significant way.

The Wuhan Coronavirus Survival Guide: How to Prepare for Pandemics and Quarantines (nCoV-2019, Covid-19) is now available for purchase with 2-day shipping

This isn’t the kind of information you’re going to want in PDF format, we know that. So since time is of the essence, we’ve gone right to paperback. We are offering it just above cost for the first 3 days, at $10.95.  At midnight on Feb 18, the price will go up to $15.95. If you prefer digital copies, you can get it on Kindle here.

  • Part One of the book contains a layperson’s explanation about what we know about the virus, containment measures, comparisons to historical data on how governments (including our own) have handled outbreaks – what they’ve hidden and how they’ve hidden it.
  • Part Two of the book contains information on what you need to do to prepare for the possibility of self-isolation, including how to determine when to go into lockdown. (Hint: If you’ve waited for the official order, you’ve waited too long.) You can also learn what supplies you’ll need for an extended quarantine.
  • Part Three of the book deals with the lockdown itself: how to set up isolation and quarantine sections in your home, the rules surrounding self-quarantine, supportive care if someone becomes ill and you’re unable to get hospital care, and much more.

This book was put together quickly but it was written by the foremost author of pandemic preparedness and herbal care. It’s very thorough and at 121 pages, something you can read and put into action quickly.

Go here to get your paperback copy.

Go here to get your Kindle copy.

Remember, it’s only $10.95 for a couple of days. Then the price will go up permanently.

Cat Ellis, the best-selling author of Prepper\'s Natural Medicine, has written a guide to prepping for Covid-19 and what we could expect in a pandemic. | The Organic Prepper

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