Giorgia Meloni Shouts God and Family in Italy, but Supports Atheist feminism, LGBT and Kurdish Communists in Iran?

by Chris Black

Which one is it? Who is even asking her to weigh in on the internal affairs of Iran?

My critique of Giorgia Meloni isn’t even that she wants diplomatic relations with Israel or doesn’t go far enough.

That is a mischaracterization.

The critique is that when pre-selected counterfeit populists like Meloni come out of nowhere with seemingly random opinions like support for regime change in Iran, they are engaging in paid advertising and product placement for incredibly niche Jewish interests.

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Those are the facts.

Now we get to the fork in the road.

Does the network of Meloni’s Jewish sponsors triangulated through Washington DC and Jerusalem have Italy’s best interests in mind even on non-foreign policy issues?

What does every Zionist entity and lobby in the world endorse for Europe domestically on questions of finance, national sovereignty, mass immigration, NATO, “hate speech,” etc.?

These are important political questions that draw from the study of history and patterns in Europe and America in the last 30 years, not petty contrarianism.


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