Growing food bank lines signal the crisis is far from over … Struggling retailers owe $52 billion in overdue rents …


Growing food bank lines signal the crisis is far from over … Struggling retailers owe $52 billion in overdue rents … The U.S. government will inflate to the bitter end … China sells negative yielding debt for the first time … Gold stocks will soon be the new high dividend darlings …

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The Economy

11/22  Growing food bank lines signal the crisis is far from over – Zero Hedge
11/22  G20 leaders seek to help poorest nations in post-covid world – Reuters
11/22  Even if legal, Biden should not forgive student debt – Mish
11/22  The great 2020 bailout bonanza – Great Recession
11/22  The one chart that predicts our future – Charles Hugh Smith
11/22  Goldman capitulates on “major” fiscal stimulus, now sees just $700bn – ZH
11/22  The Mnuchin-Powell affair over the Fed’s “special purpose vehicles” – WS
11/22  “We’ve been expecting this to happen for a hell of a long time” – Alasdair Macleod
11/22  14 million people can’t make rent – Upfina
11/22  Why there could be coal in your stockings – Upfina
11/22  The global cost of the covid pandemic – Zero Hedge
11/22  Struggling retailers owe $52 billion in overdue rents – Zero Hedge
11/21  “Panic attack” and “night terror” Google searches erupt across US – Zero Hedge
11/21  Pandemic fueled debt and negative-yields create risks for investors – CNBC
11/21  China sells negative yielding debt for the first time – Mish
11/21  Stocks, bonds fall, dollar flat as Fed fears subside – Reuters
11/21  Gap between vaccine hopes and pandemic reality poses market hazard – Reuters
11/21  Panic and desperation sweep across America on fears of “dark winter” – ECB
11/21  Pandemic may send global debt to US$277T by year’s end, says IIF – BT
11/21  Next China: debt gets painful again – Bloomberg
11/21  Doug Casey on the inevitable breakup of the U.S. – Casey Research

Precious Metals

11/22  Gold stocks will soon be the new high dividend darlings – Seeking Alpha
11/22  Gold: testing patience but toeing the line (for now) – Knowledge Leader
11/22  This week in money with Bob Hoye, James Corbett, John Rubino – HoweStreet
11/21  Dave Kranzler: metal removal from vaults will break Comex – GATA
11/21  Bitcoin and the apotheosis of gold bugs – Tom Luongo
11/21  Gold miner ETFs discover key chart support – manual
11/21  Warren Buffett: buy gold and get ready for a market crash – Fool
11/21  The contrarian good news for gold – Whobserver
11/20  ME miners lead. Will others follow? – 321Gold
11/20  Bitcoin no match for gold in coronavirus world – Fox
11/20  Gold will soar 22% next year as investors protect against inflation – BI
11/20  Citi gets bullish on gold — here’s what two experts think – CNBC
11/20  How to buy gold to diversify your portfolio against market downturns – MSN
11/20  Watch this trade level for Royal Gold – In The Money Stocks
11/20  Lynette Zang: they are using covid to reset the system! – Market Sanity
11/20  Craig Hemke: vault-busting gold delivery demands face Comex in Dec – GATA
11/20  Endeavour Silver expands Terronera holdings in Mexico – Canadian Mining
11/20  Rick Rule on the gold bull market, currency wars, liquidity trap – Stockhead

Inflation, Deflation, Cryptos, Currency War

11/22  Inflation may be about to pick up sharply – Yahoo
11/22  South Africa descends deeper into junk after two downgrades – Yahoo
11/22  Do not trust governments with the control of money – AIER
11/21  The U.S. government will inflate to the bitter end – Economic Prism
11/21  Please stop asking me about bitcoin – Felder Report
11/21  Why we need a free market in money – Mises Institute
11/21  Bitcoin back at $18k, why this rally is so different from 2017 – Coingape
11/21  Dollar loses to euro as payment currency for first time in 7 years – GATA
11/21  Record inflows to bitcoin; Record outflows from gold – Zero Hedge
11/20  Ethereum challenging bitcoin – FX Street
11/20  Get real about bitcoin – Blain’s Morning Porridge
11/20  Argentina seeks wealth tax to help covid-19 hit families – Reuters
11/20  Bitcoin can go to $60,000 next year as it continues to replace gold – CNBC
11/20  Dollar slips on report that U.S. stimulus talks to resume – Reuters
11/20  Mark Yusko: You’re having your wealth stolen through inflation – Market Sanity

Real Estate Bubble

11/22  L.A. home sales soar as California’s housing market defies covid – Yahoo
11/21  Rental market softens while home prices soar – Dr. Housing Bubble
11/21  Austin and Travis County home prices hit all-time highs last month – Austin
11/21  Home prices and sales broke records in greater Boston in October – RE Boston
11/21  U.S. home prices soar to record amid housing shortage – NPR
11/21  Kailua sees 11% increase in single-family home prices so far in 2020 – BJ
11/20  Mortgage rates drop to new record low as virus cases climb – MW
11/20  Billionaire Malone buying hard assets on fears of dollar debasement – ZH
11/20  U.S. cities where homes are selling above asking price – Acorns
11/20  Existing home sales rise to highest since February 2006 – CNBC
11/20  How a vaccine could upend real estate markets — again – CNN
11/17  How the housing bubble was reblown in 20 cities – Mish
11/17  Rents in British cities fall by up to 15% amid covid ‘exodus’ – Guardian
11/17  Homebuilder confidence in November shatters previous month’s record – CNBC
11/17  Surging home prices driving down affordability in California – MPA Mag


11/22  Widespread destruction in Portland, no arrests made – Epoch Times
11/22  Do trump supporters live in an alternate universe? – Burning Platform
11/22  MSM already helping next administration hide corruption – Caitlin Johnstone
11/22  Trump loses Pennyslvania court case that sought to block Biden win – CNBC
11/22  Chicago provided Dominion complete access for 2020 election – NF
11/22  European leader predicts covid hell will trigger ‘populist backlash’ – Summit
11/22  Mankind’s triumph over the Great Reset: guns, books, social contract – SC
11/21  What PBS found in Georgia one week before election was shocking – GP
11/21  61% think Trump should concede to Biden – Rasmussen
11/21  The many layers of travail – James Howard Kunstler
11/21  VICE is big mad at GAB – Gab News
11/21  A rude awakening coming to Europe – American Thinker
11/21  America’s elites—not Trump—are undermining American democracy – Mises
11/21  Williams College mathematician flags up to 100,000 ballots in PA – ET
11/21  Pennsylvania house votes for non-partisan 2020 election audit – ET

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Clean Tech

11/22  Coronavirus pandemic and EVs prove GM’s worth to investors – CNBC
11/21  “Super emitters”: 1% of people cause half of global aviation emissions – ZH
11/21  Tesla gets exemption from new California covid-19 health orders – CNBC
11/20  Stanford researchers study kelp to relieve ocean acidification – ENN
11/20  Solar companies ask Biden to reverse Trump policies – HuffPost
11/20  Consumer reports pans Tesla models S and Y – CNBC
11/17  How the commercial vehicle industry preparing for fuel cell technology – AW
11/17  Tesla will be added to the benchmark S&P 500 index Dec. 21 – AP
11/16  Climate heroes: the countries pioneering a green future – Guardian
11/16  The hype and hope of Sahara Desert green hydrogen – Greentech Media

Art of the Collapse

11/20  Comedians rate journalist humor – Matt Taibbi
11/16  Rising virus cases force Chicago to set up temporary bars in hospitals – Onion
11/16  Man who agrees with the MSMs, corps thinks he’s part of the resistance – BB
11/16  Girlfriend refers to herself as ‘wife-elect’ despite no official word from boyfriend – BB
11/16  SONGBIRD Trailer (2021) (video) – KinoCheck International
11/16  ‘Buddy the rat’ takes NYC subway mask requirement to new heights – NY Post
11/16  2020 (a 1917 parody) (video) – Ascender
11/06  Experts call for 15 days of counting to flatten the curve of votes for Trump – BB
11/06  What spiritual people are like this election – AwakenWithJP
11/05  New covid film Songbird may not be entirely fiction – GMI
11/04  What to do if your side loses the election – AwakenWithJP
10/31  Trump’s election will be the biggest “F*#k You” in history (2016 video) – MM
10/29  Jack Dorsey hires homeless man to fill in for him at hearings – Babylon Bee
10/29  Newly sworn-in ACB orders all women to wear handmaid’s outfit – BB
10/26  1950s PSA: “Avoiding the Future Plague” (video) – Ramses the Pidgeon
10/25  Amy Coney Barrett just adopted a local troubled youngster named Hunter – BB

War, Police State, Creeping Fascism, Civil Unrest, Privacy

11/22  AI software tool disables automated facial tracking – Kurzweil
11/21  Hey Mr. President, end some wars on your way out – Libertarian Institute
11/21  Azerbaijani troops enter disputed territory handed over by Armenia – NPR
11/21  Iran unveils unorthodox ‘aircraft carrier warship’ to challenge US – ZH
11/21  The Pentagon and the CIA are in charge of foreign policy – FFF
11/21  The ACLU and college professors are encouraging book burnings – Sovereign Man
11/20  German doctor raided by armed police during live YouTube stream – Summit
11/20  Israel strikes Syria, killing 3 troops, after finding bombs – ABC
11/20  Opposition to afghanistan withdrawal shows its key factions – Glenn Greenwald
11/20  US marines activate space unit in race to secure low earth orbit – Zero Hedge
11/20  Google searches for ‘reloading ammo’ explode amid nationwide shortage – ZH
11/20  Engineered economic depression. Global “coup d’etat”? – GreenMedInfo
11/17  This isn’t feminism, it’s imperialism in pumps – Caitlin Johnstone
11/17  Greenwald & Johnstone go off on Biden’s SecDef choice – ZH
11/16  Who pressed the Great Reset button? – Mercola
11/16  Psychiatrist blows the whistle on pandemic fearmongering – Mercola

Self Reliance, Health, Survival

11/21  The junk food fish you don’t know to avoid – Mercola
11/21  How to survive a snowstorm – Survival Sullivan
11/20  Social isolation during pandemic linked with high blood pressure – ENN
11/20  There are six types of retirees — which are you? – MarketWatch
11/16  3 offshore resources that should be part of your financial planning – Escape Artist
11/16  My daughter was a creative genius, and then we bought her an iPhone – Medium
11/14  When Medicare choices get ‘pretty crazy,’ many seniors avert their eyes – NY Times
11/14  Health benefits of multivitamins ‘may all be in the mind’ – StudyFinds
11/14  45 uses for eggshells on the homestead – Survival Sullivan
11/11  How covid-19 vaccine can destroy your immune system – Mercola
11/11  Ayahuasca stimulates neurogenesis in the hippocampus, study shows – IFLS
11/10  Is “offshore” another word for corruption? – Nestmann
11/09  Surviving a civil war – your complete guide – Survival Sullivan
11/07  Choosing to do nothing now has large consequences – Peak Prosperity

Cyber-war, Cyber-terrorism, Cyber-crime

11/17  High profile security breach proves no company is immune to hackers – Nestmann
10/31  Dark web hackers say they hold keys to 10,000 Robinhood accounts – Bloomberg
10/29  FBI warns ransomware assault threatens US healthcare system – AP
10/24  Cyberattacks hit Louisiana gov’t offices, raise fear of election hacking – Politico
10/22  Chinese regime hackers are targeting US defense and security networks – ET
10/20  ‘Operation Quicksand’: Iran-linked hackers target Israel – Haaretz
10/20  US indicts Sandworm, Russia’s most destructive cyberwar unit – Wired
10/20  Stop-and-Frisk never really ended. Now it’s gone digital – Intercept
10/16  British Airways fined £20 million for data breach by ICO – CNBC
10/15  FBI, Homeland Security say hackers have gained access to election systems – ET
10/15  Hacker-for-hire group uses many techniques to target your data – ZD Net
10/15  Cybercrime increasingly converging towards ransomware, cartel models – SC Mag
10/12  Robinhood accounts looted and no customer service to call – Street
10/11  Robinhood says some customer accounts may have been hacked – NY Post


11/22  Utah’s wildlife overpass on Route 80 is working – KUTV2 News
11/20  People with creative personalities really do see the world differently – IFLS
11/20  CT shows it’s a fish-eat-frog, frog-eat-fish world out there – IFLS
11/20  Massive squids are leaving scars on great white sharks in Mexico – IFLS
11/20  Dinosaurs probably weren’t declining when the asteroid hit | iflscience – IFLS
11/20  Tyson suspends managers after they bet on workers’ covid infections – MW
11/15  New device puts music in your head — no headphones required – AP
11/14  Scientists destroyed a nest of murder hornets. here’s what they learned – NY Times
11/14  The first couple to ever get married – Julie Notke
11/14  The first couple to ever get divorced – Julie Notke
11/13  New magic mushroom stock index includes these 12 stocks – MunKnee
11/12  French school bans parents throwing children over its 6ft fence – DM