Haitian President Orders Police & Mercenaries To Kill Protestors

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Here’s what the caravan thing is distracting you from..

Haitian President Orders Police & Mercenaries To Take Out Protesters Demanding His Resignation

“Thousands of demonstrators demand trial over misuse of $3.8bn in public funds from Venezuelan oil programme. The police and hired mercenaries are using lethal force on peaceful protesters.”

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Reports of over 80 people that have been murdered, Maybe more.

Why is this not getting national attention? Haitians are saying it is the U.S and France behind this.

Haitians will not back down, They will keep protesting and fighting if pushed to do so.

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These are foreign mercenaries.

The U.S and EU governments want desperately to gain access to Haiti’s natural resources like oil.

Haiti and Venezuela are big targets right now and very very few are talking about it, Or even know.





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