Here’s how the German gov’t is stifling all dissent to disastrous energy policies!

Germany is set to re-impose its mask mandate in September despite the summer COVID wave already “losing momentum,” indicating such rules are being made permanent.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann announced that Germans would have to mask up this autumn when indoors and that the rules would be in place throughout the winter.

Ludicrously, such measures are being finalized months in advance when nobody even knows what the COVID situation will be later in the year.

Buschmann also acknowledged that the summer COVID wave in the country is already “losing momentum,” but Germans will be forced to wear face coverings anyway.

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The measures will be sent to parliament in September, where they are likely to be voted into law.

“The effectiveness of masks for individuals indoors is undisputed,” said Buschmann. “That’s why a form of mask requirement indoors will certainly play a role in our concept.”

On the contrary, mask rules are being re-imposed across the western world despite no evidence that they are effective in stopping COVID.


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