Highest stock prices during a pandemic/crisis?

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Leon Cooperman Says Fed Fuels a Debt Binge the Economy Can’t Handle

The Fed has created a speculative bubble that has pushed debt levels beyond what the U.S. economy can support, Leon Cooperman said.“They have created a real speculative environment,” Cooperman said Monday on Bloomberg Television.


“It’s Getting Worse With Every Shock” – One Bank Turns Apocalyptic On The Coming End-Game

“We are not sure how and when we will see the end-game, but in our view this is not a sustainable situation in the long term.”


“The Next Great Depression is Here”

The next Great Depression is here. Investors obviously disagree. And by the looks of all the debt they are snapping up (see Bond Market section), they are vehemently opposed to the idea that debt can be risky. But here too, there is an important divergence.


Nouriel Roubini Says Wall Street Euphoria Ignores Main Street Hardships

The global economy faces a risk of a slow recovery or even another slump along the way unless a vaccine is found, according to Nouriel Roubini.


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