How is it not obvious that we’re in the middle of a globalist takeover?

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by Dirty-Dan24

The lockdowns last year collapsed the third world and Europe and North America are being flooded by whoever can get in.

The fiat dollar is being hyper inflated to the point of collapse just as the Roman currency was right before they collapsed

Authoritarianism across the board has increased massively

Rushed vaccines are being setup to be de facto required to participate in society

Biden administration has promised gun control via executive order

The economy is in complete free fall despite the media portraying it as better. 916,000 jobs were added this March meanwhile more than 2.5 million first time unemployment claims were filed in the same month

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The Federal Reserve and other central banks are buying absolutely everything. The Fed’s balance sheet has almost doubled in the last year

On top of all this the people who “predicted” Covid are predicting another pandemic soon

Bill Gates even ‘predicts’ the next pandemic could come from bioterrorists which would mean they could release anything and just blame it on any obscure terrorists

See also  SAGE, Covid, And The Globalist Agenda

It is driving me crazy that barely anyone can see this and I just have to go through everyday life like normal. Please tell me if I’m overreacting, but I can’t see how the upcoming years aren’t cataclysmic for humanity. Something inside is telling me to get ready to head for the hills




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