How Many Are Close To A Breaking Point?

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by Zedakah

I’m posting this because I know I am becoming ever closer to reaching my own breaking point. My wife just lost her job today, which means our refinance falls through, which means we won’t get $400 a month lower payments, which means we can’t afford our current payment.

I’m not making this thread for sympathy, because glp is certainly not the place for that.

I’m making this thread because if it’s happening to me and my household, then I guarantee it is happening to many households nationwide, and also I do need to vent a little. More and more people are falling to the ranks of the unemployed every day thanks to Covid combined with Biden policies. The situation is not going to recover anytime soon. Covid restrictions are becoming more strict, and Biden policies are irrational and insane (just like Biden!).

If it’s happening nationwide, then not everyone is intelligent/logical enough to peacefully deal with adapting to a new situation and make life changes. If this is the case, then we very well may reach a tipping point or breaking point where people are willing to do anything to provide for their family (especially things that were previously off-limits in a civil society).

If there is one thing that 2020 taught us, it is that liars, cheaters, and thieves win. And if that is the lesson other people who lose their incomes see, then there will be an increase in liars, cheaters, and thieves among the populace and a potential breakdown of civil society.

Disclaimer: I am not advocating violence nor is violence my mode of operandi in a breaking point. I am just making an observation of cause/effect relationships in society.


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