HUGE-Former BLM leader spills the beans on who’s funding BLM and ANTIFA

– claims BLM was infiltrated and taken over from within
– claims BLM and ANITFA are funded by Rothschild, Clinton and Soros
– claims there is agenda to create a civil war and that media and celebrities are being used to further it
– claims they are making people decide already what ‘side’ they will be on via media hype

and more intel

In 1986, Stokeley Carmichael (Black Panthers) told me personally, how the Black Panthers became infiltrated, and then taken over from within.

They were encouraged to commit acts of violence AFTER infiltrated.

The ‘good guys’ left the organization, most were hunted down and suicided. Stokely fled the USA and went to Africa, and lived to tell the story.


This clip needs to be seen by both ‘sides’ – because you are all being played – by the usual suspects.

This guy was one of the main BLM organizers – he’s saying it got hijacked.

He names the young Rothschild as funding ANTIFA, along with the Clinton Foundation etc.