Humans Never Had A 100% Energy Transition

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by SevereAnxiety76

You hear a lot of “renewable energy” stories on social media, they’re all fake.

Vaclav Smil says a 100% energy transition takes 70 years to complete.

Many say we can have 100% renewable energy in 30 years.

It all depends on what you call “renewable energy”.

Europe gets 50% of its “renewable energy” by burning trees for electricity, that are shipped in from all over the world.

They don’t count the emissions from this energy because they say the trees will grow back in 50 years, we don’t got 50 years.

Wood is humanity’s oldest energy, we have never stopped burning it.

Diesel fuels in Europe are 8% palm or soy oil. This is called “bio-fuel”.

Indonesia poisoned elephants in a national park so that they could clear cut it, ship the trees to Europe for green energy, grow palm oil where the trees once were, and then ship the palm oil to Europe to burn in cars. Africa is doing the same. All this stuff is called green energy.

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Germany is relocating whole villages to dig up dirty brown coal to keep their solar and wind energy setup going.

Then on a sunny breezy day in Summer, you see a headline saying Germany gets 40% of its electricity from renewable energy. But remember, 50% of that energy comes from burning trees. It gets worse.

Electricity is only 20% of all the energy we use a species. That’s why energy transitions take so long.

The very best we can do is get 20% of total energy use renewable by 2040.

Solar and wind make up at best 2% of total energy use.

Hydro dams emit methane and destroys wildlife.

When you include burning trees, palm, corn and soy oil, it’s 4% of total energy use. Africa and South America are growing soy and palm oil like crazy. 50% of South America’s soy crop is shipped to feed China’s pigs.

We’ve only had extreme weather like now since 2005.

As part of total energy use, solar and wind are replacing fossil energy at the rate of 1% per decade. It’s nowhere near enough.

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To stay below 1.5° C, we have to reduce total fossil use 50% in 10 years.

To stay below 2.0° C, we have to reduce fossil use 100% in 20 years.

We are already at 1.0° C = Dangerous Climate Change Now.

Yet it still takes 70 years to change energy use 100%.

Water use will exceed supplies by 40% in 10 years.

We are set to run out of soil in 50 years.

Crops are going to get hit hard going forward.

We will run out of water and soil before we get 100% renewable energy.

The US/Saudi/Israeli axis of evil wants war.

If there is no major breakthrough this election, we’re all toast.

The best we can hope for is to slow down the collapse of civilization.

Nobody will tell you this because there’s still money to be made keeping the lies alive. I’m doing this for free.

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