I Have An Issue With The Seth Rich Witness Coming Forward – What He Saw May Be The Reason Seth Did Not Survive.

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by Pamela Williams
It was revealed recently, in fact, I mentioned it in one of my previous reports, that a witness has come forward in the Seth Rich murder investigation.  Since posting that video of what the witness said he saw, it has troubled me more and more.
As a trained EMT, the patient assessment is the most critical factor in keeping a patient alive.  If one is a police officer, First Responder, or anyone who has had EMT training, that person would have to know how to properly assess someone at the scene of a crime or an accident.
Seth was lying on the ground, as was reported in the police report, he was not sitting up or standing up.  In such a patient assessment any police officer, or First Responder, would know not to move him in the patient assessment.  They knew Seth was shot, due to the fact the sounds of the shooting was what alerted them to the crime scene to begin with.
Now I want you to watch the following video:  Start at 1:32.
Below is the training procedure of an EMT, First Responder, or Police Officer in a patient assessment of someone lying on the ground:
3) Best-trained individual (medically-wise) attends to victim (U-ABCC)
The person with the most training (first aid, CPR, etc.) attends directly to the victim. Assuming the victim is lying on the ground, this person should sit behind their head and should stabilize his or her head to avoid unnecessary movement (i.e. hold their head still). Assume the person has a back/neck injury and any unnecessary movement could risk paralysis.
This person should be doing “U-ABCC” at the arrival on the scene and every 5 minutes thereafter
U Urgency
Try to determine if the person’s injuries are (a) minor or (b) major, i.e. urgent. If unsure, it is urgent. See (6) on trying to diagnose injuries.
A Airway
Is there something to impede their airway? Gravel in the helmet, something down the throat? This needs to be cleared immediately, without helmet removal if at all possible.
B Breathing
Is the person breathing? Determined by listening, watching their chest, feeling for breath, etc.
C Circulation
Check the pulse on the throat initially and subsequently on their wrist. This is the carotid artery, right next to the wind pipe/adam’s apple on either side. If pulse is not present, remove helmet if necessary and begin CPR immediately. When checking pulse on their wrist, do not check with thumb; use the two fingers next to the thumb.
C Cervical Spine Immobilization
Support the victim’s head and make sure they don’t move it. CONSIDER EVERY MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT A HEAD INJURY, CONSIDER EVERY MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT A CERVICAL/BACK INJURY! This is important even if they feel they can move their head normally! When you talk to the victim initially, add on a short bit to reassure them;
“You’ve been in a motorcycle accident. It is important that you don’t move. My name is Jason. Answer me without moving your head. We don’t know if you have a neck injury or not. An ambulance is on the way.”
Again, make sure that the victim does not move at all, their head or any other part.
Do’s and don’ts of immobilization
There are certain emergency patients where unconventional positioning may be a life-saving technique necessary to maintain an airway and prevent serious complications. There are circumstances where special patient positioning has been a part of emergency practice for many years: pregnancy (rolled onto left side), pediatrics (in a car seat, or belted in a parent’s lap for children in severe respiratory distress), isolated head or eye injuries (head elevated), severe nosebleeds (head forward), or uninjured medical patients who prefer the sitting position.
Considering the risks of our packaging devices, the EMS provider must know all the situations where patient positioning will be life-saving, and when not to use a cervical collar for trauma and immobilization. Spinal-cord injury is a devastating and life-threatening result of modern trauma. The management of patients with high energy injuries requires continuous vigilance for injuries to the spinal canal and to the spinal cord, and restricting the movement of the spinal column using proper packaging devices.
EMS personnel must skillfully assess the needs of the patient, any mechanism of injury, and the risks of immobilization to make the best decision as to provide safe and appropriate care and movement. This begins with an appropriate history, a structured physical assessment, and knowledge of the protocols and packaging options. Then the devices will be used properly to enhance care of the patient, provide safe transport, and prevent any injury to the spinal cord or column.
Lets look at who the witness is.  His name is Mark Mueller.  freedomdaily.com/man-who-claims-to-have-witnessed-seth-richs-murder-just-came-forward-with-shocking-detail/

Mueller says that the police walked Seth Rich past him and said that Rich ‘didn’t even know he was shot’.
Here is a tweet from another neighbor:

This tweet also indicates something was very amiss at the crime scene:
This are the credentials of Mark Mueller:
Mark MuellerNational Institutes of Health, Division of AIDS Research & Vaccine Research Center’s Clinical Research Program
Washington D.C. Metro AreaBiotechnology
District of Columbia Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5E, UCSF Immune Tolerance Network, Immune Tolerance Network
Education  The Evergreen State College
Websites  Phage therapy reduces C. jejun
NEJM Publish Vasculitis
Currently on detail assisting NIH Vaccine Research Center with their Zika clinical trials research and monitoring contracts. When not on detail, I work in the Office of the Director in NIH Division of AIDS. Providing the Director expert assistance through long and short term planning, including scientific concept and initiative development; managing and coordinating the scientific and administrative activities associated with AIDS Subcommittee of the NIAID Advisory Council; and providing guidance to Program and Project Officers. Contracting Officer Representative (COR Level III) for support contract consisting of approximately 75 contractors giving support from Administrative to Clinical/Scientific support.Previous work as Tolerance Research Project Manager managing protocol development and implementation of mechanistic research in clinical trials investigating induction and biomarkers of immune tolerance.  Previous work as Head Scientist in start up biotech company researching use of bacteriophage as alternative antibiotic in agriculture, food industry and medicine.
Education and interest in work dealing with nature/wildlife conservation.
Specialties: Bacteriophage Research, Government Grants and Contracts, Protocol Development, Project Management, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology
As you can see, he is medically trained.  He had to know that Seth Rich should not have been “walked past him.”  Did they really let Seth get up and walk?  If we have footage from the officer’s cams we would know exactly what happened.
The following is an excellent source of the entire Seth Rich timeline:  web.humboldtgop.org/2017/06/hisnamewassethrich.html
11) Seth Rich made 5 phone calls that night, including two to his father Joel Rich. One of those calls came around 1:30AM in the morning..
12) Seth Rich also spoke to a friend for around 12 minutes according to his parents, that call ended at 1:33AM… Of course, not named.
13) Another friend who claims they spoke to Rich, but won’t be named claims Rich didn’t go to the Wonderland Ballroom that night..
14) Why is everyone so scared of being named in this investigation if it was just a botched robbery? Because it wasn’t a botched robbery.
15) On top of the 5 Phone Calls that Rich placed that night according to the family, he also received 2 incoming calls that night.
16) At 2:05 AM Rich according to the family called his Girlfriend Kelsey Mulka.. That’s about 30 minutes gone from leaving the bar here.
17) According to the Family and Kelsey Mulka (Seth Rich’s Girlfriend, they spoke for 89 minutes on the phone that time. #HisNameWasSethRich
18) The call dropped, a few minutes later Rich called his Girlfriend back again and they talked for another 43 minutes.. #HisNameWasSethRich
19) Joel Rich in an interview said that the Girlfriend stated nothing was wrong, she went to bed thinking nothing was amiss… #SethRich
20) At about 4:19 a.m., Rich told his girlfriend he was almost home and said, “I gotta go,” according to Rich’s father #HisNameWasSethRich
21) Why haven’t the phone records been released? Wouldn’t that clear up quite a few thoughts and rumors? Who was Rich talking to that night?
22) Rich didn’t sound alarmed. His girlfriend, according to a person familiar with the events of that night.. Why so many anonymous folks?
23) Seth Rich was Assassinate just 300 steps from his front door.. Why was he really out at 4am… in Washington D.C… On a Sunday morning.
24) The Fact that Hillary Clinton was talking about Seth Rich just 48 hours after his death, should scare the Hell out of EVERY American.
25) The Police Captain immediately said that a botched robbery was unlikely, yet the family, DNC Fixer, and Media went with it..
26) Seth Rich was Jewish, and we are still trying to figure out if an Autopsy was done or not due to his faith. #HisNameWasSethRich
27) To this day, No Autopsy report (If it was done) has ever been released to the public. Because it would tell his cause of death..
28) According to Joel Rich, Police told them a Security Video from a small convenience store across the street caught the grainy image.
29) That grainy image according to Joel Rich was the image of what Police say two Men, and Seth Rich dropping after being shot. #SethRich
30) To this day, that video has never been available to the public or investigators.
31) Officials with the Metro DC Police have repeatedly declined interview requests on the Seth Rich Case. Rank and File, Silent at MDCPD
32) A Police spokesperson would not confirm the existence of a video or comment on an ongoing investigation. #HisNameWasSethRich
33) Now why wouldn’t you show a video of possible suspects to the biggest murder investigation right now in America? What are you hiding?
34) Seth Rich has his Wallet with $2000, Pendant, Rolex Watch, Credit Cards, and phone on him, nothing was taken #HisNameWasSethRich
35) A Jewish chai pendant that Mary Rich had initially given to Joel, inscribed with the word “ditto,” was also being worn by Seth Rich
36) Does anyone really believe that would be burglars were worried about Police response time at 4AM in the morning?? #HisNameWasSethRich
38) Officials told the Rich family that Seth Rich wasn’t in pain, but he was very confused.
39) They claimed he gave a previous address.. We don’t think that he did give a previous address, thus the cover up begins.. #SethRichMurder
40) “They were very surprised he didn’t make it,” Aaron Rich said emergency responders told him. #HisNameWasSethRich
41) “He was very aware, very talkative. Yep, that was 100 percent my brother.” Aaron Rich said.. #HisNameWasSethRich
42) One Month and a day after Seth Rich had been murdered, Julian Assange of wikileaks dropped the bombshell and mentioned him. #SethRich
43) 1/2 Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks editor, further stoked speculation that Rich might have been involved in the DNC hack by referencing
43) 2/2 the murder, unprompted, on a Dutch news program. #HisNameWasSethRich
44) 1/3 Our whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often [face] very significant risks. A 27-year-old that works
44) 2/3 for the DNC was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons, as he was walking down the street in
44) 3/3 Washington, D.C.,” Assange said. #HisNameWasSethRich
I’m getting reports from people that Twitter has even Shadow Banned Drudge Report.. Good Lord… This is absurd Twitter. Censorship Much?
45) Enter Brad Bauman.. aka The DNC Fixer.. a Crisis Fixer assigned to the Rich Family to cover up the murder. #HisNameWasSethRich
46) Brad Bauman begins to convince the family that people are taking advantage of them by talking about Seth’s murder, this isn’t the case.
47) Bauman a DNC Operative, with deep ties to Robby Mook and Media Matters is now the Spokesperson for the Rich Family.. #HisNameWasSethRich
48) The Family wanted wikileaks to back up their claims.. Keep in mind, @wikileaks hasn’t been wrong in 11 years.. #HisNameWasSethRich
49) Enter Jack Burkman, a Private Investigator that sold himself as being there to help the family.
50) The family would end up hiring not one, but TWO Private Investigators.. But the DNC Fixer would have you think they’re fine..
51) Why would the Rich family hire two private investigators if they had confidence in the job that Metro DC Police were doing? #SethRich
52) Through our research, we have determined that several of the responding officers were former Vice Squad members. #HisNameWasSethRich
53) Four of the Six Officers were wearing Body Cams the night that they responded to the shooting of Seth Rich. #HisNameWasSethRich
54) To date, those body cams have never been shown, and Metro DC Police continue to block the requests of anyone wanting to view them.
55) Now why would Metro DC Police block the body cam footage? What was Seth Rich talking about that night? #HisNameWasSethRich
56) Why would the Metro DC Police or the FBI have the cell phone of a victim of a “botched robbery” #HisNameWasSethRich
57) Why would they not release the phone records of the victim of a “botched robbery? #HisNameWasSethRich
The timeline and facts go on and on, but you must go to the website to read the rest.  They have done a great job in putting all the facts together.

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  1. You better watch out and not get to much coverage. THEY play rough. Limbaugh after the election spelled out how corrupt the Election process is by the Democrats on a Friday and on Monday first thing he walked it ALL back.
    Glen beck on his last week of his TV show on Fox gave the best description/charts of the Banksters and their influence over our entire political system. He was off Fox the next week and now all he does is crazy talk.
    Hannity backed of the Seth murder. Since when does the feelings of the family override a Political murder and the corruption of our entire political system?
    These Satanic Scum not only kill you, but first kill your close friends and then close family members to make you comply!
    As that alleged Satanic child molester Podesta said, “Make an example of him”!

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