I think we caught election fraud in Pennsylvania…

Here are the final certified results. Here is an archive for the counts with 70 precincts yet to report.
There is a huge anomaly hiding in these numbers. Notice in the same time Donald lost 14,000 votes, Pat Toomey (R) gained 4,000 votes. In the final figures, 61,049 more people voted for president than voted in the Senate election. In the figures archived, 80,017 more people voted for president than voted in the Senate election. There were about 6.1 million ballots cast in total. About 250,000 votes came in with the final 70 precincts. Out of those, either 7.5% more ballots had no vote for president than had no vote for the Senate, or they edited the ballots to remove Presidential votes. In 70 precincts out of 9,163, they literally removed 25% of the difference between the Senate vote totals and the Presidential vote totals. They aren’t stuffing ballots! They’re replacing the ballots with forgeries! The only way that differential could decrease in the final tally is if, at a minimum 18,968 ballots were changed…
Election totals links pulled from:
Trumps lead was 63,000 lead yesterday, now 49,000
Fox states that they’re within 0.3% of the automatic recount area.
h/t happybirthdaydude