I think we caught election fraud in Pennsylvania…

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Here are the final certified results. Here is an archive for the counts with 70 precincts yet to report.
There is a huge anomaly hiding in these numbers. Notice in the same time Donald lost 14,000 votes, Pat Toomey (R) gained 4,000 votes. In the final figures, 61,049 more people voted for president than voted in the Senate election. In the figures archived, 80,017 more people voted for president than voted in the Senate election. There were about 6.1 million ballots cast in total. About 250,000 votes came in with the final 70 precincts. Out of those, either 7.5% more ballots had no vote for president than had no vote for the Senate, or they edited the ballots to remove Presidential votes. In 70 precincts out of 9,163, they literally removed 25% of the difference between the Senate vote totals and the Presidential vote totals. They aren’t stuffing ballots! They’re replacing the ballots with forgeries! The only way that differential could decrease in the final tally is if, at a minimum 18,968 ballots were changed…
Election totals links pulled from:
Trumps lead was 63,000 lead yesterday, now 49,000
Fox states that they’re within 0.3% of the automatic recount area.
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24 thoughts on “I think we caught election fraud in Pennsylvania…

    • lol of COURSE there’s voter fraud in Pennsylvania – our cities including Philadelphia are completely overrun with negroes. And negroes are the ones who cheat, lie and steal to get what they want.

    • The only reason TRUMP won so many states was the left didn’t think they had to pay more homeless to vote for the dead. Philly is just as bad as NYC & Chicago.

      • Yes this seems right. Look how upset the Dems are that their polls were off. It means that if they polls had been more accurate, they would have calibrate their fixing differently.
        Good thing I hung up on the pollsters! In the future maybe I’ll just lie instead to them.

    • you never are obliged to vote for all offices…historically, people vote for the president and nothing else if they are going to bother to vote

  1. If there aren’t enough illegal immigrants to vote then Democrats cheat. The party of the Ku Klux Klan has always been cheating.

  2. “Here are the final certified results.”
    I beg to differ, those results are not certified, meaning the final vote totals can and will be flipped.
    God help us all when that lying, thieving, fraudulent, mass murdering traitor gets in charge of he DOJ and Pentagon.

  3. It’s almost like they think they can flip the results at precinct level, and they don’t want the lawsuit in state court which Trump could then use to force a recount if he needs it. The federal lawsuit has got to be a joke, a distraction. I cannot believe the feds would step into this.

      • Once the state lawsuit is dropped it cannot be refiled by anyone, because that deadline is now past. And I’d be stunned if even the most liberal federal judge would step on federalism to the extent Stein requires. So I can’t see that it’s judge shopping, from what little I know about this.

          • There was a deadline to file a statewide “contest” of the election, as opposed to a county by county “recount”. The contest goes to a court hearing in PA court of common pleas. As usual for Stein, she filed her contest on the last day it could be filed. I guess her dropping the court case it triggers, she’s giving up on the state’s process for contesting the result. But county level recounts are still ongoing and the statewide result is not “certified” yet, according to one place I read.

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    • Ok-a-a-a-y. Rothchild is code word for e-v-i-l j-e-w-s. Give me a break. Yes, perhaps we made a mistake in welcoming atheists from Vienna and the Commies from the German part of Europe (without demanding integration.)
      Has nothing to do specifically with anything. We have had the best and brightest minds from the Enlightenment involved in our country (from 1632–not 1655.) Every positive aspect of our country–and some of the negative ones. Pirates, Train Robbers, gun fighters, military heroes predating our Revolution, writers, barristers, farmers, settlers, Navy Officers, Army Officers, shop keepers, furniture manufacturers, iron manufacturers, peace officers, Senators, Representatives, Signatures of the Declaration and enthusiasts of the Bill Of Rights. All that during just the span of 1634–1790s (train robbers somewhat later, joined by the gun fighters.)
      You have to be specific to the identity of evil individuals; I’m all for that, just put the broad anti-Semitic brush away.

      • When it comes to “Documentaries”, there are people who honestly believe
        that “Spinal Tap” was an actual British Heavy Metal Band. I hope I used enough capitol letters. :’)
        Just because something is on film or in print doesn’t make sweeping statements true. I followed a link here from Drudge–this site seems to support some creepy stuff. “N-e-g-r-o-e-s causing trouble” kind of stuff. Creepy.
        Sadly, many Jewish children are being educated to be alienated so that the some individuals can have too much influence–the children aren’t given the information they should have.
        In this country, Jewish history is that of God, Guns and Guts. The insistence of a 2nd Amendment is part of that conversation. I’m not a Jew; but that doesn’t mean I can ignore them when speaking of the history of these United States. Nor can I ignore “n-e-g-r-o-e-s” or Chinese, or Portuguese or anyone else.
        This country has been the “common” people giving those who would rule us the collective “finger” since the very beginning. The gesture also includes those who would try to control the histories, the conversation and the information people see.

  5. The democrat communists were SO SHOCKED they lost the election because after all, they worked SO HARD on rigging it.

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