If you think Tommy Robinson’s situation is bad, you really ought to familiarize yourself with Jeremy (Jez) Bedford Turner’s case

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Published on Mar 17, 2018

In the UK to dress as a Police officer, or embellish a car to look like a Police vehicle is a punishable offence. However, a certain community is allowed to do this with impunity, and they even receive firearms training from London’s Metropolitan Police. They call themselves ‘The Shomrim’. And further, if you dare to speak out about this apparent disparity in citizenship, you will almost certainly find yourself being prosecuted by the law. A so-called ‘charitable organisation’ named The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) has brought pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to charge the chairman of The London Forum, Jeremy (Jez) Bedford Turner, with ‘Incitement to stir up racial hatred’, after he spoke at an anti-Shomrim demonstration in 2015. Initially, the CPS stated that Mr Turner had not actually committed an indictable offence, but the CAA has insisted that he be charged. One of the names behind the CAA is a Mr Gideon Falter, who has publicly admitted his group ‘Works closely with the Home Office, and closely with Downing Street’ to scrutinise people who dare to criticise his community’s right to run what is effectively a private Police force. Jez Turner has also exposed Mr Falter and his group because of their cosy association with influential politicians, which enables them to occupy an exalted state not granted to other UK citizens. Jez Turner gives a brief speech to supporters outside Southwark Crown Court, giving the date of his trial. It is rumoured that George Soros, (the internationalist Jewish ‘financier’, who with Prime Minister John Major’s backing, almost bankrupted Britain on ‘Black Wednesday’ 16th September 1992), heavily funds the CAA. This cannot be confirmed, for although by UK law charities must publish various pieces of information, (regarding their activities, their donations and donors, their personnel and their Board of Trustees), ‘The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ does not do so, because it is one of the two ‘charities’ in the UK that have been granted an exception to this rule and so is able to keep such information hidden. The other charity granted an exception to the rule and also therefore allowed to keep such information hidden is ‘The Community Security Trust’ – the ‘charity’ that runs The Shomrim, the Jewish uniformed vigilante force.

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