I’m a importer, in my point of view, the true cost of inflation isn’t there’s too much money, it’s because…

by soysssauce

It’s because the logistic is a nightmare right now.

I import things from China. There are thousands of companies like mine. We are the one that sells shit to ur the distributors, the distributors sells to stores. We are also the one directly sells on Amazon and other e-commerce website.

Pre COVID, a 40ft high cube costs me only $4000 from China to Long Beach. Currently it costs me god damn $20000, and that doesn’t include land transport. If I want to sent a container of goods to Ohio, the total cost on shipping alone is like $40000, excluding import duties. Back in the day shipping make up abt 30% of my cost, it makes up 60-70% now. Pre COVID a container of nice double layer fleece lining hoodies cost me 60k includes shipping. It costs me 100k this year.

There are 110 some container ships stuck outside of Long Beach. You probably have no idea how many that is..ima use the nice fleece lining hoodies as example again. Each 40ft high cube carry’s 6000 this hoodie (so 20ft carry abt 3000). Each ship carry 20000 TEU (20ft equivalent units). there are also some 2 million TEU still in the port waiting to be hauled..

Let’s do the math

300020000=60 million hoodies 11020000=2.2million containers on ship stuck outside still. 2.2million+2million=4.2 millions on containers total. 4200000*60000000=252000000000000

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US population is 333000000 That’s 756 thousand hoodies for each person just stuck there waiting to be distributed!

Let’s say my number is off by 50%, it’s still 378 thousands hoodies just stuck there!

We can’t unload at Houston or New York cuz it will cost us even more…

The problem Is not the demand, it’s supply.

It’s not that there are too many monies were printed, who cares if we print more money, we can print unlimited useless pieces of paper and buy real goods from China ( export our Inflation)!

So, if u see on the news that the supply chain has been fixed, or the port of Long Beach has been cleared, or you know inflation is about to stapled.. until that , whatever the fed say is bs.

Side note Biden should declare national emergency and have nat guard come in and help haul these sticker goods.


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