Insiders Buying Stocks at RECORD LEVEL as Bigger Than 2008 Housing Crisis Looms!


All around, everything is crumbling. The infrastructure and the debt which sits on top of it. A system designed to fail doesn’t seem logical and yet this is exactly what we live in. Mathematically, there is no alternative to failure. It’s inevitable. Nobody knows the timeline. Nobody can address the exact events before they occur. But regardless, it’s an interesting ride all the way down.


Credit Suisse: US economy to shrink record 33.5% in 2nd quarter – Business Insider

US executives rush in record numbers to ‘buy the dip’ | Financial Times

The Fed’s Balance Sheet: The Other Exponential Curve – Visual Capitalist

fed-balance-sheet-exponential-covid-19.jpg (1200×3139)

Missed Rent Payments Cascade Across the Real Estate Industry – Bloomberg

Mortgage Firms Teeter Near Crisis That Regulators Saw Coming

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Tesla furloughs hit half of US sales and delivery employees

Justin on Twitter: “Everything that is wrong with America, in one image.” / Twitter



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