Intelligence Community Keeps a Secret List of ‘Vaccine-Skeptics’ and ‘Election Conspiracy Theorist’

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There’s a reason I no longer consider being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” as a pejorative.

A story I was told in a meeting yesterday morning sparked my interest. A conservative journalist detailed how she was stopped and searched by airport officials while traveling this week. Then, her bags were “lost” and magically transported to… wait for it… Washington DC. This particular journalist is controversial but she’s not out there calling for civil war or anything. She speaks the truth about vaccines and the stolen 2020 election, very much like I do.

Hearing this story concerned me enough that I pull out a rarely used source in DC. I won’t go into details about this source other than to say she’s part of the intelligence community and has been extremely reliable the few times I’ve called on her.
 She never goes on record for obvious reasons and I wouldn’t say she’s necessarily a Trump-supporter, but she’s against the Deep State (while technically being part of it) and very much against corruption in The Swamp. From what I can tell, she’s an anti-authoritarian Democrat, of which there seems to be very few left in America.

I put out the message for her to call me when she’s able. While I waited, I ran the story by another source. This one is lower level within the FAA, an old friend of my dad’s who owed him/us a favor. He asked if my journalist friend was in DC on January 6th. I wasn’t sure. He said if she was there then she might be flagged by the FBI, but if she wasn’t there she might be on the new list.

“What new list?” I asked.

He said scuttlebutt amongst TSA friends of his claimed there’s a new flag that does not come from the FBI. Nobody knows who’s running it, but apparently it had to do with vaccines.

See also  Intelligence agencies, Big Pharma, MIC, and Big Agriculture control Hollywood, Politicians, and all Media. They dictate what to cover and what to cover up.

“What?” I asked, flabbergasted. “Why would they keep a list of people who got the vaccines?”

“No, not GOT the vaccines,” he replied. “It’s anti-vaxxers. It’s also folks who still think Biden stole the election.”

The FAA source couldn’t tell me more because he didn’t know anything other than the rumors. I searched DuckDuckGo. There were the standard propaganda pieces from mainstream media and a story about the Spanish government sending anti-vaxxer names to the EU, but nothing about a domestic list.

The Call
When my “Deep State” source called me at 4:40 am Pacific time, not remembering I was no longer in DC where we met, I was actually awake already. That’s a good thing because I needed to be fully awake to hear the answer I was about to be delivered.

“Is there a list of people who are being watched for opposing the vaccines or calling for election audits?” I asked, point blank. I didn’t expect a real reply. As much as I like and trust this source, she’s never been one who yields answers easily. I remember asking her whether Pete Buttigieg dropped out because of pressure or perhaps even a quid pro quo agreement with the Biden camp. She sidestepped the question a few times before finally telling me, “One of them got a deal, the other got pressured. Gotta go.” She hung up. I didn’t know who the “other” was until the next day when Amy Klobuchar dropped out.

That’s why I was shocked with the answer to my new question. After being told to “stand by” while listening to her typing on her computer, she gave the ominous reply, “Yep, you’re on it.”

I wasn’t asking if I was on the list, but being told I was on it was enough to confirm the list exists. It isn’t often that I’m stunned by anything government does, but this one had me sitting silently for at least five seconds, which is difficult for me.

“Keep your head down,” she said. “I’m looking at your address, phone numbers, and all your social profiles. Stay frosty.” She hung up.

There is absolutely nothing good that can be done with such a list. I’ve ran the scenarios in my head, not wanting to call anyone else. I don’t succumb to paranoia easily, but this news had me shaken. Should I lay low? Change the subject? Pretend like I’m no longer against the Covid vaccine? Stop posting stories about voter fraud?

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