Investigation into voter fraud is commencing

Arizona GOP is investigating! Here we go!

Investigation into voter fraud is commencing!!!

Bait was set. They took it hook, line, sinker. It’s coming folks!

Slower than most would like, even for myself. I think this Christmas is going to be quite wonderful!


AZ GOP announces independent audit of Maricopa County Recorder

According to Arizona’s GOP, the investigation will examine and report the Recorder’s decision to open an emergency voting center before Election Day, voting procedures and challenges, ballot counting, results reporting process, and allegations of fraud in the election.

In the press release, the GOP stated that they hope the audit will produce a fair, factually-based report that will help them understand what happened in the elections and address the voter concerns.

AZ GOP To Conduct Audit Of 2018 General Election


*Remember, if you’re voting before Election Day, no need for ID

Remember, if you can’t find and ID before Election Day, don’t worry,

Go to your polling place, ask for “co ditional provisional” ballot, and come back within a week with your ID*

One group of people, who appeared to have a great deal of help casting their votes were those residents, who are not legal citizens and used the federal form to vote.

The federal form does not ask immigration status.

However using the form limits registrants to voting only in federal races.

Many believe much of those votes may have tipped the results of the U.S. Senate in favor of Rep. Krysten Sinema.

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