Israel is an Ethno State and We Should All Learn from Them

by Chris Black

You can’t be elected in Israel if you deny the Jewish nature of the country. Debunks those liars who pretend Israel isn’t an ethno-state. 

“The Committee discussed the limitations on the right to be elected, most important among them the disqualification of candidates whose platform repudiates of the existence of Israel as the state of the Jewish people… refusing to set guidelines for candidates could one day undermine the basic values — including the Jewish character — of the state. The current Basic Law: The Knesset includes limitations on the right to be elected intended to protect both the Jewish and democratic characters of the state.”

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Also, racism for me, but not for thee:


“Nearly half of Jewish Israelis agree that Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel, and a solid majority (79 percent) maintain that Jews in Israel should be given preferential treatment, according to a Pew Research Center in Israel survey published on Tuesday. The poll, with 5,601 in-person interviews of Israeli adults, conducted between October 2014 and May 2015, found that Israeli Jews increasingly believe the West Bank settlements help, rather than hurt, Israel’s security – and most (61%) believe Israel was given by God to the Jewish people. … The survey makes no distinction between Palestinian Arabs of the West Bank and citizens of Israel in its question about whether Arabs should be expelled from Israel. And yet, 48% of Jewish Israelis said they were in favor, 46% were opposed, and 6% said they didn’t know.”


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