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…The testing facility, operated by Calgary-based Connectus Global, is aiming to be open on Aug. 30 and will be located inside the Airport Services Centre open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday, according to a press release from Connectus Global Thursday. They say it will allow passengers to get tested before travelling with same day, 24 or 48-hour results.

Passengers will need to schedule their appointment using the Connectus Global YYJ booking tool or come to the airport testing clinic, according to the release. They say it will cost $375 for same-day results, $250 for 24-hour results and $175 for 48-hour results and passengers will receive results via email.

LOL!!! Those with vax passports will be thrilled about this!!! More hassel, more travel time, more cost, more headaches. And what if the country you are going to does not recognize the test and want to do their own (is happening in some places in Europe).

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To me it just underscores the bigger ‘green’ agenda that they are going to do everything they can to get us to stay home (think climate lockdowns). The days of cheap vacations and weekend getaways will become too expensive for all but the wealthy. Gee… where have I heard that before?!? So glad I traveled when I did.


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