It’s okay NY Times, you are allowed to say it is a protest against mandatory vaccines.

Why is the MSM so afraid to report that there are protests against the vaccine?

Everyone knows the reason for Southwest’s airline cancellation. Stop playing games.

Southwest Pilots Union Sues To Block Airline’s Vaccination Mandate

In what appears to be one of the first cases of a union pushing back against the new COVID vaccination requirements handed down by the Biden Administration, a union representing pilots at Southwest Airlines is suing to stop the vaccine requirement from being forced until a lawsuit is resolved.

Bloomberg reports that the union representing Southwest’s pilots has asked a court to grant a temporary stay against the federal vaccination rules until an ongoing lawsuit over what they allege are violations of US labor laws is resolved.

In a court filing on Friday, the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association also asked for an immediate hearing on the request before a federal court in Dallas, claiming the carrier has continued to take unilateral actions that violate terms of the Railway Labor Act, which governs relations between airlines and employee unions. The “unilateral action” in question is the company’s attempt (at the Biden Administration’s direction) to force workers to either get the jab, or be fired or sent on unpaid leave, Bloomberg reports.

“The new vaccine mandate unlawfully imposes new conditions of employment and the new policy threatens termination of any pilot not fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021,” the legal filing said. “Southwest Airlines’ additional new and unilateral modification of the parties’ collective bargaining agreement is in clear violation of the RLA.”

According to the guidelines set out by President Biden (and “voluntarily” embraced by most of the major airlines), Southwest has a deadline of Oct. 4 under the federal mandate for employees to get jabbed or have an approved medical or religious exemption. SW is affected by the mandate because it has contracts with the federal government (like many large businesses).


Southwest airlines openly lying about mass flight cancelations, even FAA contradicted Southwest’s explanation.

“No FAA air traffic staffing shortages have been reported since Friday.” an FAA spokesperson told FOX Business in a statement on Sunday

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According to FlightAware, a website that tracks cancellations and delays, Southwest has canceled 1,018 flights and had 597 flights delayed on Sunday alone. On Saturday, the airline canceled 808 flights and had 1,187 flights delayed.

They also pulled “weather” as a second excuse, the weather must have been magically only messing with Southwest and NOT other airlines.

Here’s your proof

Southwest cancellations on Sunday 1124 per updated data.

Delta cancellations on Sunday 3
United cancellations on Sunday 10

See for yourself here


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