Joe Brandon Calls Putin “A War Criminal”

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by Chris Black

After approving $1 billion in aid, including military drones for Ukraine, alleged president Joe Biden called Putin a war criminal.

In a sane time, this insane provocation could be enough for a 25th amendment removal from office. Not in Weimerica. The Jews surrounding Biden must maintain their decrepit skin puppet because there are no viable options to replace him with on the horizon.

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World War 3 is the reasonable choice for our ruling class.

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The US obviously knows that the Ukraine isn’t going to magically win a war against Russia, all they want is for the war to go on for as long as possible. They want as much death and destruction as possible.

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The US is saying “if we can’t have Ukraine, no one can – we will just burn the whole thing down.”

Ultimately, all the weapons they send will either end up in the hands of the Russian military, or in the hands of terrorists in Western Europe.


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