JOURNALISM: The Press Doesn’t Learn Things, Unless Those Things Are About How Great They Are.

via mediaite:

For the media, Monday was the first day of the rest of the Trump presidency following the letter from Attorney General Barr summarizing the long-awaited, everything-must-go, Watergate on steroids biggest deal in the history of the universe Mueller report. It didn’t go so great.

Many members of the media are now out there defending their profession against criticism they don’t even feel they should be facing, indulging in the tantalizing persecution fantasy that after all, Trump abuses and demeans them, and his base is openly hostile, so therefore surely the media are blameless and professional and it’s you people who are the real problem, right?

To paraphrase their white (or orange?) whale, WRONG!

There is a problem. And there is something to the critique that CNN’s Brian Stelter offers here: