Judge Winsor in Doe v. Austin et. al. declared there is no FDA approved vaccine available to the public.

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Not only is it NOT available, he doubted if the FDA could even produce one vial of the FDA approved Comirnaty. This is exactly why Biden recently threw up his hands and said it is up to the states to mandate. THERE IS NO APPROVED VACCINE. It was a blatant lie. From the hearing (that Pfizer sponsored media refuses to discuss):

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As recognized by the judge, “nder the EUA statute, recipients of EUA drugs must be ‘informed … of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product.”

The judge further noted that with regard to the administration of an EUA product to members of the armed forces, such a right of refusal may be waived only by the president.

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As noted, “[t]he DOD acknowledges that the president has not executed a [waiver], so as things now stand, the DOD cannot mandate vaccines that only have an EUA.”

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Judge Winsor also pointed out that “DOD’s guidance documents explicitly say only FDA-licensed COVID-19 vaccines are mandated.”
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