Kurt Schlichter: When even the French Protest Carbon Taxes, You Know Global Warming’s a Scam

Kurt Schlichter of The Rebel.Media reports: The French are having fits. Sure, that’s not unusual, but what is is the reason – the regular, every day Pierres and Brigittes are furious that the global elitists running their country want them to pay a new carbon tax as a sacrifice to the global warming cult!


French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced a six-month suspension of the fuel tax hike which triggered massive unrest across the country, saying the measure is aimed at stopping the violence and restoring public order.
The French government will suspend the fuel tax rise for six months to calm down the Yellow Vest protests, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in a televised speech on Tuesday. He stressed that no tax should endanger public unity and “the violence must stop.”

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