Less than 50,000 votes (total) need to overturned across 3 key swing states to make Trump the winner. The US “election” aka fraud, is far from over

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by Ian56

So Pa, Ga, Az, Wi & Mi are still up for grabs.
Nv is not out of the question with thousands of known out of state illegal voters.

We could end in a tie.
In which case Trump would win 26-23 in a House vote.
Less than 50,000 votes (total) need to be over turned in 3 key states, to make Trump the winner.
Latest vote counts
In Dem controlled states it will take several weeks to go through the State Courts and appeals, for a final decision in the GOP controlled US Supreme Court.
It will take maybe $20 million, maybe more, to fund the recounts and the lawyers.



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