Lin Wood: District Judge has scheduled an emergency hearing in Georgia today. “In time, these names will also be part of litigation across the country: Dominion Scytl SGO Smartmatic Clarity

Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. James Comer call for immediate Congressional investigation into the 2020 election!

Election Fraud Expert Russ Ramsland Files Affidavit Showing ‘PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY’ of Election Results in Michigan

The affidavit from Russell Ramsland of Allied Security Systems concerning the election fraud that took place in the 2020 election in Michigan was released. In the affidavit Ramsland shows the physical improbabilities of the election results there.

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Below is the Twitter thread from @Kanekoa discussing Ramsland’s affidavit:

Russell Ramsland from Allied Security Operations Group ( filed an affidavit today.