Little Known Fact About Ukrainian Nazis

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by Chris Black

As you may already know, the Russians invading Ukraine complain about the Azov Battalion and extreme right operatives infiltrated in the government and the army. 

However, the Ukraine is ruled by Jews, literally, from 2014. How can Jews and Nazis get along?

 Here comes a quick reminder that Stephan Bandera, the Ukrainian National hero that the Western and Russian media are both calling a Nazi, was nothing of the sort. 

In fact, he could more accurately be called a “holocaust” survivor, since the Nazis put him in Sachenhausen prison camp in 1941 for waging a guerilla war against the Germans in Ukraine. 

This may be why Ukrainian Jews bend over backwards to defend him. He was released by the Nazis in September1944 to bother the Soviets. 

His group, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) became CIA/MI6 assets in 1946. And they most probably are today, fighting their own agenda, which is very anti Jewish and anti Russian.

This means living in clown world in 2022: ZOG uses Azov muscle to fight the Russians, for which they have eternal hatred, i.e. the same oligarch that put Zelensky in power in 2019 funds Azov and similar elements in the Ukraine.

 That would be Kolomoisky (I’ve written before him previously), a thug with triple citizenship (Ukrainian, Israeli and Cypriot) who lives in Switzerland.

Since the elites don’t really have an ideology except from dominating the goyim, it doesn’t matter to them how shit gets done.

Muscle is muscle.

This is an official Azov Battalion account calling Putin the “real” fascist, comparing him to Hitler, spreading the hoax that the Russians used chemical weapons in Syria, and favorably quoting Winston Churchill. 🤡

This 2014 Foreign Policy piece on Right Sector is hilarious looking back. The Right Sector’s banderite leader, Dmitry Yarosh, proudly proclaims Right Sector to essentially be a Jewish militia and police force wrapped into one. Yarosh takes great pride in following orders directly from the Israeli embassy and local rabbis.

“In February, Yarosh met with Israel’s Ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Din El to and told him that the Right Sector rejects anti-Semitism and xenophobia and would not tolerate it.  Subsequent to the meeting, the Israeli embassy posted a statement on its website noting that Yarosh “stressed that Right Sector will oppose all [racist] phenomena, especially anti-Semitism, with all legitimate means.””

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“Then, on April 8, after unknown actors defaced a monument to the victims of the Holocaust in Odessa with neo-Nazi graffiti, Right Sector leaders condemned the vandalism and said that it was now a matter of honor for Right Sector to find and punish those who defaced the Jewish cemetery. Right Sector official Valery Zavgorodny also offered Odessa rabbi Avraham Wolff assistance in protecting Jewish property in the city.”

“Five Ukrainian Jews who had immigrated to Israel and served in the Israeli Defense Forces actually returned to Ukraine to lead a group of 40 Ukrainian fighters defending the Maidan.”

Can we start teaching kids that Hitler was a good guy because he was a Nazi fighting against the Russians? 

Teachers are telling kids that Nazis fighting Russians is a good thing in Ukraine. /s

Then you have the so-called conservative right in the USA, the neocon right if you want, those people who love America’s foreign wars for Israel to the last American and the last taxpayer’s dime.

 Cue Sean Hannity and Fox News for example, the boomer blowhard who made millions of dollars off millions of dead bodies as a career cheerleader for every Jewish war of the past 30 years; evidently he won’t be satiated until the world is bathing in nuclear hellfire.

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Hannity’s complete detachment from reality and this sort of “all or nothing, no negotiation is possible” mindset is a Jewish corruption of the American ability to think. The idea that Putin is a madman that refuses to negotiate is simply movie nonsense. Hannity parrots it, and I suspect probably believes it himself.

It was Zelensky, not Putin, that said he could not agree to anything and Russia would have to destroy Ukraine. He says this because he is performing for Western TV cameras and he wouldn’t pluck a hair to save a Ukrainian life.

Groups that hate each other and are involved in armed conflict negotiate all the time and make territorial or disarmament compromises. 

This kind of thinking is alien to Americans because of our huge military power, geographic isolation from conflict zones, too many movies, too much hypocritical moralistic bombast and the Jewish media promoting the cinematic fantasy that the plucky underdog can win just because we want them to.

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The death and destruction in Ukraine means that it is time to negotiate and stop the war, not that it is time to ship more weapons and get more intransigent.

But then again, these war hawks never fought any wars themselves.

Had the Ukrainian government actually tried to make reasonable demands and concessions with the Russian government (or just stopped suppressing ethnic minorities and cluster bombing ethnic Russian civilians) they may have gotten away with just losing control of Eastern Ukraine; now that they haven’t the Russians are planning on just taking their entire country.

 You can blame Zelensky for this, and certainly he bears a LARGE part of the blame, but ultimately I suspect that he got orders from Washington to not negotiate.

To make it easier to comprehend, here comes an interesting article from the Jewish Telegraph Agency, the newswire for how Jews get information about other Jews around the world.

The article points out the neo-Nazis of Ukraine actually love the Jews, and the swastika being waved isn’t really about national socialist ideology, but just an anti-Russian symbol….

Which kind of makes sense, i.e. how we see swastikas and then old USSR flags being waved around.

We shouldn’t project our western mindset onto the Ukraine.

In this war those flags don’t represent the ideologies that used them in the 1930s.

Sort of like how the Labour Party of Australia today, really has nothing to do with labour anymore.

In other news, the heroes of today weren’t heroes a few years ago. In fact, they were guilty of war crimes. But I guess that is OK since one of the chief benefactors of the 2014 coup is sitting in the White House.

Congress banned the sale of weapons to the Azov battalion because of war crimes? Why are we sending them weapons today?

Clown world doesn’t even cover it.

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