Major Canadian housing provider demands all tenants get COVID shot 11.25.21

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I used to think the overwhelming majority of our population were good people with well functioning brains and a belief in God which dictated decent behavior and living peaceably with their fellow man.

I now believe most people don’t think at all, they just stick their heads in the sand, they are uneducated, and have practically no belief in God or believe if they don’t murder someone that will be good enough to go to heaven…and then you have the elite.

The elites for the most part, are not stupid and don’t stick their heads in the sand. They can’t have a belief in a loving God or desire to please Him as they serve Satan. Therefore, they must be demons in human form or demon possessed.

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It is beyond me that these people don’t realize someday they will die and if they continue down the path they are on, they won’t be going to heaven or living eternity in New Jersalem.

Will they face unending torture or simply annihilation? I don’t know. But I do know where they won’t be is with the people who have claimed Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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The man in the story is a demon.

Major Canadian housing provider demands all tenants get COVID shot 11.25.21

‘These rental companies are taking the law into their own hands. If we allow this to happen, what will be next and who will find themselves without a place to live?’


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