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I’m pretty sure AOC — either herself or her staff — scan the Internet to see what people are saying about her.  This self-obsessed donkey-face calls it research.  So, in hopes that she or her staff find this  …. please leave AOC a message.

OK, so this happened on Sunday (and you thought it couldn’t get any worse) ….

AOC associates CAULIFLOWER with …. wait ….. wait ….. wait for it ……………………….RAAAAAYCISSSM!!!

Here’s my message —–> “Hey AOC …….. please kill yourself. And keep your hands off my fucken cauliflower ya kunt!

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Sunday that growing cauliflower in community gardens is part of the “colonial” attitudes that her Green New Deal will stamp out.

The New York Democrat, who introduced the proposal to tackle climate change by radically transforming the economy, posted a series of Instagram videos filmed in her home state talking about community gardens as a “core component” of her proposal.

“What I love too is growing plants that are culturally familiar to the community. It’s so important,” she said as she filmed a community garden in the Bronx.

“So that’s really how you do it right. That is such a core component of the Green New Deal is having all of these projects make sense in a cultural context, and it’s an area that we get the most pushback on because people say, ‘Why do you need to do that? That’s too hard.’”

She went on to add that growing cauliflower in such gardens is a “colonial approach” and the reason communities of color oppose environmentalist movements.

“But when you really think about it — when someone says that it’s ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows Yucca instead of, I don’t know, cauliflower or something — what you’re doing is you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“That is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements because they come with the colonial lens on them.”

more of this bullshit story here.


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